CrossFit has quite a bit of jargon, and even more acronyms. To help some of you out there especially those who are new to CrossFit and/or LAX, we thought a little cheat sheet might help. Here you can find the LAX CrossFit Glossary of common terms in CrossFit and specifically to the LAX family.

AMRAP: As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible.

ATG: Ass to Grass. As in full depth squats – the only way to squat!

Benzo's Quote of the Day

Benzo’s Quote of the Day

Benzo: Aaron Bensoua. The definition of LAXer. You may have seen Benzo’s Quote of the Day up on the whiteboard. So if you didn’t know, now you know.

Box: CrossFit gym.

BS: Back Squat

BW (or BWT): Bodyweight

C & J: Clean & Jerk

CFK: CrossFit Kids

CrossFit: Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. If you haven’t committed this to memory yet, I recommend doing so. People will ask, and since you most likely are following rule #1 of CF: always talk about CrossFit, you’ll want to be prepared with this catchy little phrase.

DL: Deadlift

Erg: Concept 2 Rower (sometimes other C2 torture devices)

FGB: Fight Gone Bad

Fran: If you have not made her acquaintance, be thankful. If you have, she is etched in your mind forever and will haunt you every day that you meet her again.

FS: Front Squat

Girls: CrossFit benchmark workouts with female names. They are not named after specific girls, but when Coach Glassman was asked why girl names, his response was: “anything that leaves you on the floor looking up at the sky and wondering what the hell just happened should have a girl’s name.”

Glitter Time: Zylah being the awesome member that she is, putting glitter LAX CF logos on everything, even your underwear.

GPP: General Physical Preparedness

Heroes: CrossFit benchmark workouts that are named after fallen military personnel, law enforcement officers and firefighters. These workouts are a way of honoring these heroes.

Hopper: Think lottery ball style selector, but instead of lucky numbers, it delivers different kinds of fun torture.
Met-Con: Short for metabolic conditioning

HSPU: Handstand Push-Up

KB: Kettlebell

KBS: Kettlebell Swing

KTE: Knees to Elbows

LAX CF: Seriously?

LAXer: A devoted LAX CrossFit member. They don’t have to be the first or most popular. Just cool, like you all are. Btw, thanks for being part of the LAX family.

Met-Con: Metabolic Conditioning.

MU: Muscle-Up

OHS: Overhead Squat

Oly: Olympic Lifts – Snatch, Clean, Jerk, and often accessory lifts relating to the main olympic lifts.

Pd: Pood. A unit of measure for the kettlebell. 1 pood = 16 kg (35.5 lbs).

PP: Push Press

PR: Personal Record. In Australia they use PB – personal best. Crazy aussies. No wonder their toilet water spins the wrong way.

PU: Pull-Up. Occasionally push-up.

Rx: Prescribed. As in doing the WOD as prescribed- weights, range of motion, etc.

Skill: A movement requiring practice and technique, not only power/strength.

Strength: Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.

TGU: Turkish Get-Up

TTB: Toes to Bar

Unknown and Unknowable: What we’re preparing for. Basically the idea that we may someday be faced with any number of tasks, and we would like to be as proficient as possible in accomplishing those tasks.

WOD: Workout of the Day

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