Getting Started

Getting Started

New to CrossFit?

Start here for your 60 second survival guide.  Starting with the question we ALL love to answer and progressing down your path of discovery, this is all you need to know on Day 1 of your CrossFit Journey.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness technology that uses constantly varied functional movements at high intensity in its attempt to achieve measurable, maximum results.

CrossFit is a community of people ranging from military personnel to law and fire officers to armchair quarterbacks all seeking to improve the fitness of themselves as well as their community.

What is Fitness?
What is CrossFit?
CrossFit in 100 Words

Self Exploration

A natural part of ones journey into CrossFit usually includes a lot of self exploration and discovery.  Since CrossFit is open-source in nature you can find almost all of the information you need to start CrossFitting out on the Internet. has a wealth of information, from CrossFit journal archives (fee) to videos showing the proper form and techniques on almost every movement in the CrossFit world.  Look up all the gyms in your area, get to know the owners and coaches, read free content covering all aspects of CrossFit, and even start trying to jump into a workout or two posted online.

CrossFit 101

Learn all of the basic movements, lifts, techniques and theories behind a CrossFit workout from a certified CrossFit trainer in CrossFit 101 beginners class.  Here you will learn not only the correct form, but you will also understand how to maximize efficiency and effectiveness as well as take your first steps in understanding your own mental and physical limitations.  The Fundamentals class is designed for all skill levels and athletic backgrounds and is highly recommended for anyone who has not regularly attended CrossFit classes in the past.

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Group Classes

The core of your CrossFit experience will likely be found here.  Unless specially denoted, all CrossFit classes are held in group settings.  There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately the group will serve as your inspiration and motivation as well as hold you accountable.  Group class sizes are kept to a low coach to athlete ratio which allows our coaches to keep a keen, personal eye on everyone at all times.

Personal Training

If your goals are more specific than something a generally encompassing class would typically offer, you can always opt to take Personal Training and enjoy the benefits of having a trainer work with you personally.  These sessions are usually more customized to your needs, and with the full fledged attention of a trainer, progress is easier to see, measure, and deliver.

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