Fundamentals Course

Fundamentals Course

Grad night for a fundamentals class. 2 weeks of hard work ends with smiles.

Grad night for a fundamentals class. 2 weeks of hard work ends with smiles and funny poses.

Email to find out next starting date and to sign up.

In 2 weeks you will learn all of the fundamental movements needed to safely and effectively perform CrossFit workouts. Our Fundamentals class is designed to go over each movement in a slower and more detail oriented pace than a normal CrossFit class. This allows for more instructional time and personal attention by coaches in the critical initial learning period.

Going down to the basics – Fundies performing Overhead Squat with a PVC

Class Structure

Each Fundamentals course runs Monday -Thursday for 2 consecutive weeks for a total of 8 sessions. Currently we are offering the Fundamentals course at 7pm. If your schedule doesn’t work with that time, check out the small group fundamentals option below or contact us to schedule a private version of Fundamentals.  In each class, you will warm up, learn new movements, do a full CrossFit workout, and usually have a short educational segment while  you are stretching and cooling down.

A Typical Class

A typical class might look like this:

7:00 – 7:10 Warmup
7:10 – 7:45 Movement Instruction
7:45 – 8:00 Workout
8:00 – 8:20 Cool Down / Stretch / Concepts Discussions

Note, the class generally is about an hour long, but depending on the workout and movements we will instruct it may go over an hour by 10-20 minutes.

What to Expect

Regardless of your current fitness ability and understanding, expect to learn.  Expect to have a tough, but short work out that might give you a little reality check on your fitness level.  Expect to see a lot of smiling faces who will likely approach you and ask your name (don’t worry, unlike a globo gym this does not mean they will try to walk you to your car). Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. Bringing water is also a good idea.

The Fundamentals class doing a scaled down version of pull ups.

Interested? Sign Up Now!

For $50, there really is nothing to lose.  You’ll get 8 great workouts and some serious knowledge.  Before your first class, we will email you a waiver to fill out, and some reading materials you can peruse if you are eager to get ahead of the curve!

Love CrossFit Or Your Money Back

We are pretty sure you’re going to love CrossFit, and by pretty sure, we mean 100% sure.  If you go thru the entire Fundamentals course, and decide that CrossFit (or LAX CrossFit) is not what it’s cut out to be, and you can achieve fitness better elsewhere, just let us know.  We’ll gladly refund your money.

We only ask that you give us and CrossFit a fair chance, so in order to ask for your refund, you have to attend every class in your enrollment session. This offer is not valid if you miss any class, or if you end up finishing a Fundamentals session other than the original one you first attended.


Bet you hear “lift with your legs” all the time. Learn how to actually do it correctly.

Small Group Fundamentals Course

Can’t make the scheduled evening or morning Fundamentals course? Or can’t wait another day to get started?  No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Small Group Fundamentals Course. Just get your group of 2 to 6 people together and contact Chris. We will arrange your very own Fundamentals course at a time that works for your group.


Same price as our 200  membership. $200 per person, $150 if you qualify for any of our discounted memberships.

What’s Included?

Your group will receive 5 one hour Fundamental classes + 3 weeks of unlimited main class.  The  5 Fundamental classes will cover all of the movements, exercises, and skills covered in the regular Fundamentals course.  After completing your 5 Small Group Fundamental classes, you get to move right into the main class. Your next three weeks of the main class are unlimited… Come as often as you like and to any class time we offer.

What Happens After Your First Month?

You’re part of the family. You’re already a member at the same monthly rate. You’ll have access to everything we offer, from regular classes, to events and specialized classes.