Our Culture

Our Culture

Our Culture: “Just Make Sense”

In the true spirit of CrossFit, we have taken a step back from all norms, questioned them, and tried to come up with policies and directions that are in the best interest of everyone. While we might be doing many things a typical CrossFit box might do, we also feel there are a few things we can do to shake things up and build a culture unique to LAX CrossFit.

Memorial Day Murph 2016

Memorial Day Murph 2016

Open Policies

We will publish, openly and honestly our policies.  We will not have side deals, make exceptions to the rules, do “bro” deals, or run a business where you cannot have faith in the the ownership.

Athletes Are Athletes

Whatever your role in life, from Pro Football player to house husband/wife, once you step into the LAX CrossFit box you are all athletes.  Not one athlete, good or bad, should receive preferential attention from our staff.  Any athlete can (and should) ask us for help on anything they feel they need assistance with.

Of The People

We strive to be a box “of the people”.  No one’s voice should be too loud, nor too soft in our opinion.  We will always listen to your opinions and concerns with open and unbiased ears and make every attempt to be a gym “of the people”.  We also will make it possible to express these opinions in various formats (Town Hall meetings, private meetings, anonymous comments box, etc.).

Know Thy Neighbors

Adopting a community favorite rule in many a CrossFit box, we want all of our members to know each other by at least a first name basis.  If at any time we decide to quiz you and you do not know a member’s name, there will be a burpee penalty to be paid.

So as a rule of thumb, when you see new faces in the box, stop what you’re doing and say hello!

Simple and Fair Pricing

Our Simple and Fair Pricing, in our opinion, just makes sense.  We feel the entire fitness industry is doing their clientele a disservice with some of the policies they have on pricing and billing. We think these things pretty much just make sense. Anything else is less efficient and sacrifices form, and that’s just not the CrossFit way.