Housekeeping Reminders


One month into 2019 and LAXCF has welcomed MANY new members into our family and the box on a daily basis. While this is very exciting, this is also a great time to remind everyone some important housekeeping rules that can help to keep our box looking sharp. As a person attending a WOD, you have the right to start your class on time, to use equipment in a safe and clean environment

  • Arriving to class on time. CrossFit without an appropriate warm up is very dangerous. If you do arrive late, make sure you do everything your coach asks you to do (yup, 20 burpees is standard) – and don’t get pissy if they tell you that you need to wait until the next class. They’re looking out for you!
  • Introduce yourself if you don’t know someone. I get it, I’m a shy person too, but it takes 5 seconds and it’s a great life skill (so I tell myself). This especially goes for drop-ins – make them feel like you’d want to feel when you drop in somewhere new.
  • Give coaches your full attention while they’re instructing. If you’re hanging out on the side, please try not to distract the class too much during warmup and instruction.
  • Take care of equipment. Pay attention to where you got your equipment and put it back in the same place.
    • Pick up your boxes, DO NOT DRAG THEM.
    • Don’t drop or dump unloaded bars. They have feelings, too (and REALLY expensive).
    • Roll up the yoga mats after they get wiped down.
    • Bands, boxes, plates, or any other equipment used or left out during your class (even if it wasn’t your class using it) should be put away. If you’re done early be nice and help out the boxmate that’s just trying to make way for the next class to start.
  • If you bleed, sweat or cry on something, clean it up. 
  • Clean up your food, stuff and the bathroom after you use it. This includes picking up your water bottle, trash, tape, scissors, notebooks, sandals and clothes. Take pride in our box and help keep it looking sharp.
  • If you’re doing extra work, be respectful of the class in session. Working on skills or mobility before and after class is always encouraged to get better at what we do. To keep things kosher amongst everyone make note of what class is occurring during that time. There may be two classes happening at once and the scheduled classes have priority of working space. With that said feel free to jump into another class if you see they’re doing something you want to work on.
  • Safety First! We love the energy of our member’s kids, and we have to be sure they are safe. Please remind kiddos to keep off the gym floor when class is in session. While we know you signed a waiver, let’s prevent unnecessary injuries.

This all seems like really minor stuff, but it’s really important and it shows that you respect your coach and your Boxmates. These are all really standard guidelines for any Box that you visit, so practice respect wherever you go. Get some!