A long, long time ago in a blog post far, far away we talked about some CrossFit etiquette. Every once in a while, we gotta remind you guys how awesome it is that you’re not at all like what is portrayed in the videos below. That said, we also need to remind you guys not to be at all like the videos.

The videos do a great job of highlighting some key things pretty much everyone at LAX doesn’t do, but in case you don’t have a couple of minutes to watch or are behind some sort of crazy firewall, here are the takeaways:

  • Put your stuff away, in its right place. I know it’s tough to tell between 10’s and 15’s, but there are those big numbers on there, not to mention the not so slight difference in girth.
  • If you sweated on it, bled on it, or otherwise excreted in any way, please clean it up.
  • Don’t talk while the coaches are instructing (competitors, once you’re released be courteous and as quiet as possible).
  • Easy on the chalk, and clean up if you made a big mess.
  • Try not to be late. You don’t want to do burpees and we’d rather you get a proper warm-up without interrupting the class.
  • Introduce yourself if you don’t know someone. We may test you 🙂

The original video is pretty awesome:

Since then, some others have popped up: