Lighten Up


July = De-Load Month

We’re changing things up a bit in July with the focus of our programming. July is going to be a de-load month. In other words, the goal is going to be to go a little lighter and ramp up the intensity with some volume and bigger sets. The Rx weights are going to look lighter than usual, but they are only to make sure that most people heed the message here. The message being that we want to improve speed, movement, and ratchet up the intensity to another level.

I have spoken with some of you regarding this concept so it may not be news to all, but if you haven’t heard (or overheard) me talk about it, here’s the deal. The intensity you see being achieved by Games level athletes is partly because the loads to them are so nominal. While they may be tasked with doing 15 or 20 reps of a movement at a certain weight, they could probably do 30-50 reps at that exact weight without putting the bar down. That means the weight is relatively light to them and therefore they can go unbroken on pretty much every round. What weight could you do to mirror that intensity?

That’s the question we’ll be focusing on this month. That said, if the weight is too light then you can certainly add to the Rx so that it gets you the demand you’re needing. However, you still better have one of the fastest times (or highest rep counts) on the board. So hopefully everyone will have similar times/rep counts for each workout while the scale of weight/movements will vary. While this idea of de-load may sound like it will be easier, we’re actually thinking it will achieve a far different result. We’re hoping you will find a whole new level of intensity and then take that to heavier loads and different modalities in the future.

Get some!