Night Shift


On Tuesday, I broke down how looking at daylight temp screens before you go to bed can have a negative impact on your sleep. If you have a little time (it’s a quick read), click the link and read up on how it all works. For the lazy, here’s the summary:

  • Light has color temperatures, measured in Kelvin.
  • Daylight (sun) is around 6500K, on the cooler side of the spectrum.
  • Candle light is around 1800K, super warm and reddish.
  • We bombard our eyes and bodies with super high temp, cool lighting. It’s fine during the day, not so much at night when you’re getting ready for bed.
  • Most TV’s, computers, smart phones, etc. are set at high, cool temps and are not good to look at once the sun is down.
  • Flux is what you want to install on your computer to make your screen warm and sleep friendly.
Warm is bueno on the eyes at night!

Warm is bueno on the eyes at night!

Night Shift on iOS++

Since iOS 9.3, Night Shift has been available on Apple’s devices. It does what Flux does, and warms up your screen so that you’re not looking at all that blue light. If you haven’t updated or turned on Night Shift, I highly recommend you get on it. Your sleep will thank you, or maybe it will be just what you need to PR Fran the next time we do it.

Many devices now do the same. Even my inexpensive Amazon Fire tablet has a setting for it (though admittedly doesn’t quite capture the same feel as the iPhone or how Flux affects my computer). So most gadget developers are hip to people wanting to give their eyes a break before they go to bed, and you should take advantage of science when ever possible.

I’m not the only one talking about how awesome this is. Check out this story on Or this one on You get the idea, now go #GetSome…Sleep

Workout of the Day 10/5/2017 – Thursday


A. Oly
Squat Snatch 2-2-2-2-2

B. Met-Con
For Time:
400m Run
50 Pull-Ups
400m Run
50 Push-Ups
400m Run
50 Sit-Ups
400m Run
50 Air Squats

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
10 Rounds:
100m Run
10 Ring Rows
5 Burpees

Rest 1 minute after each round. Each round should be done as a sprint. Score total time not including last rest.

CrossFit 101

Front Squat 6 x 4

4 Rounds:
10 Front Squats
30 Double Unders
200m Run