Pain is an interesting thing, and a topic very relevant to the type of training we do. Whether you’re talking about pushing through some painful and hopefully harmless discomfort in a workout, a nagging injury you’re doing your best to not make worse, or something much worse. All forms of pain can be broken down into a scientific view of stimulus our body receives which it then sends to our brains to warn us that something not right is happening. In most cases, it’s our body’s way of protecting us, but what if it’s all wrong??? What if most of the pain we experience is psychological, especially the chronic type we often hear about in people who train a lot? Now that’s an interesting concept, and one worth exploring further.

A friend turned me on to this topic and pointed me in the direction of this article. It explains exactly how pain works and how it might just be all wrong. It’s a good read. If you’re more the video type and have 15 minutes, there was also a good Tedx talk about this topic exactly. Check it out below.

Workout of the Day 8/21/2017 – Monday


A. Olympic Lifting
Squat Snatch 7 x 1

B. Olympic Lifting
Clean Pull & Hang Squat Clean 5 x 2

C. Olympic Lifting Accessory Work
Push Press 3 x 5

D. Met-Con

20 Slam Balls (30#/20#)
15 Burpees
10 Power Snatches (95#/65#)

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
Lite 50:
50 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
50 Jumping Pull-Ups
50 KB Swings (1 pd)
50 Steps Walking Lunge
50 Knees to Elbows
50 1-Arm KB Press (1 pd – Alternate every 5 reps)
50 Sit-Ups
50 Wall Balls (16#/12#)
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders

CrossFit 101

Front Squat 8-8-5-5-3-2

4 Rounds:
10 Front Squats
30 Double Unders
200m Run