Let’s Go Dodgers!!!


Our LA Dodgers are on an unbelievable run. They break a record pretty much every day, and they just keep on winning. As of writing this they are 16 ahead of the Rockies and D-Backs (who they’re playing in Arizona right now) in the NL West. They have the best record in baseball at 79-32, and have won 13 of their last 14 games. Needless to say, we’re going to a game at just the right time to see a team on a historic run! It’s really exciting especially if you bleed Dodger blue.

Some notes for Friday:

  • Party Bus officially departs at 5:00pm. If you want to get your party on a little early, get here at 4:00pm.
  • We’ll have beers, drinks, and some stuff to munch on. If you have specific taste in the food or drink department, you’re welcome to bring whatever you like.
  • NO CLASS at 7pm on Friday, regular classes at 5pm and 6pm.

Workout of the Day 8/9/2017 – Wednesday


A. Maintenance
Death By (2 Min. Intervals):
Clusters (115#/75#)
Toes to Bar

This is a death by on a 2 minute interval. Start with 5 of each movement with 2 minutes to complete the 10 total reps. Add 1 rep in each 2 minute interval, e.g. on go, 5 Clusters + 5 Toes to Bar, at 2 min., 6 Clusters + 6 Toes to Bar, at 4 min., 7 Clusters + 7 Toes to Bar, etc. Keep going until you can no longer complete the work within 2 minutes. Cluster = Squat Clean Thruster.

B. Met-Con

5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats (95#/65#)

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
3 Rounds:
10 Push-Ups
50 Sit-Ups
100m Farmer Walk (2 x 1.5 pd/2 x 1 pd)
20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
10 Ring Rows

CrossFit 101

Thruster 4 x 8

400m Run