101 at 8pm


101 Moving To 8pm!

Starting next Monday, August 7th, CrossFit 101 is moving to 8pm! It will still be Monday thru Thursday, but instead of 7pm, it will be at 8pm. The schedule will be updated later this week!

Workout of the Day 7/31/2017 – Monday


A. Olympic Lifting
Snatch Pull & Hang Squat Snatch 5 x 2

B. Olympic Lifting
Squat Clean & Jerk 5 x 2

C. Olympic Lifting Accessory Work
Push Press 2 x 3

D. Met-Con
For Time:
50 Goblet Squats (50# DB/35# DB)
25 R Arm Squat Cleans
50 Goblet Squats
25 L Arm Squat Cleans

At the end of the first minute and EMOM after, do 2 burpees. Cleans must start from the ground for each rep.

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
5 Rounds:
400m Run
30 KB Swings (1.5 pd/1 pd)
30 Med Ball Cleans (20#/14#)

CrossFit 101

Rope Climb

4 Rounds:
20 Slam Balls
200m Run
2 Rope Climbs