Repost: Scale v Rx


Simply put, a rep with great range of motion and technique is greater than 10 subsequent shitty reps.

It might sound obvious to some but we forget why we workout in the first place. Adding an Rx to your time may have given you that temporary feeling of accomplishment but overall did you get stronger, fitter or more mobile. If your push-ups have to worm up on every rep did your back and chest get any stronger? All of that kipping push-up just made you a faster half-push-er. I myself have to realize that people are watching and they can tell the difference between not doing a rep because of fatigue and doing a half rep because you just shorted the movement. Beyond what people think we should hold ourselves to a standard so we’re getting better.

If you look at a workout’s prescribed weight think to yourself and assess. Is this my 4th workout of the week? Am I still feeling those heavy deadlifts yesterday? Should I really be doing 2pd/1.5pd swings?

Scaling down from time to time is great way to get take a rest day while still staying active. Or if you are recuperating from an injury, take the time to just getting 100% and healthy before absolute speed and strength PR’s. Now certainly the opposite is true if you are destroying workout times daily with a 1/4 weight that you should be hitting (and everyone knows it) time to take those training wheels off and challenge yourself towards that next weight up.

Try it this week or next. On your 3rd consecutive workout of the week, scale down to appropriately finish in the class time constraints, face away from the clock, and work on that range of motion and technique.

Workout of the Day 6/13/2017 – Tuesday


A. RSP – Week 9, Day 2
Front Squat 6 x 3 @ 62%

B. Met-Con
For Time:
400m Run
12 Squat Cleans (165#/115#)
24 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
300m Run
9 Squat Cleans
18 Box Jump Overs
200m Run
6 Squat Cleans
12 Box Jump Overs

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
Tabata 20/10 – 8 Rds per movement:
Wall Balls
Lunge Steps
Slam Balls

Rest 1 minute between tabatas. Traditional tabata scoring – lowest rep count in each tabata will count as score.

CrossFit 101

Front Squat 4 x 6

3 Rounds:
10 Front Squats
10 Push Press
400m Run