PSA: Yoga Mats


Just in case you ever wondered what the yoga mat area is supposed to look like…

Before and After

Workout of the Day 5/5/2017 – Friday


A. Maintenance/Skill
Rope Climb

Take 15 minutes to work on rope climbs. If you can do legless rope climbs, do as many as you can before switching to regular rope climbs. Shoot for 1-2 rope climbs per minute for as long as possible.

B. Met-Con
For Time:
75 KB Swings (1.5 pd/1 pd)
75 Wall Balls (20# @ 12’/14# @ 10′)
150 Double Unders
75 Toes to Bar
75 KB Front Rack Lunge Steps (2 x 1.5 pd/2 x 1 pd)