Closed Sunday


We’re heading down to the California Regional over the weekend so we’ll be closed on Sunday. It’s also Memorial Day Weekend, so we’ll have our one Memorial Day Murph class on Monday morning at 10am. Here’s this weekend’s schedule:

  • Saturday, 5/27, 8am – CrossFit Lite
  • Saturday, 5/27, 9am – CrossFit
  • Saturday, 5/27, 10am – CrossFit
  • Sunday, 5/28 – CLOSED
  • Monday, 5/29 – 10am Memorial Day Murph

Workout of the Day 5/26/2017 – Friday


A. Maintenance
EMOM 12:
0: 5-10 Reps of Strict Push
1: 5-10 Reps of Strict Pull
2: 20 V-Ups

The push/pull work should be near maximal, but with perfect form. Push can be ring dip, box dip, push-up, hspu. Pull can be c2b pull-up, pull-up, ring row. Choose a movement that you can consistently get at least 5 quality reps.

B. Met-Con
‘Squ-Isabel’ – For Time:
30 Squat Snatches (135#/95#)

Rest 2 minutes, then…

C. Test
2K Row