Winner, Winner


We finally got off the schneid last night, and claimed our first win of our inaugural LAX softball season! And we did it in quite convincing fashion. We won 22-6!! It was especially fun to give a little beat down after receiving so many, but it’s been more and more fun the last few weeks. It took us a little while to figure out the fun part of softball, but I think we got it now. Planning to keep the fun going next season too.

I also played the Manhattan B (beach volleyball tournament) on Saturday with a friend, and we won that! It’s nice to get a win, and winning any tournament requires a solid level of fitness. Good to know that what we do in the gym translates into practical applications, in this case being able to last through a very long day of volleyball.

I normally do the Open workouts on Fridays with everyone, but this time I wanted to be fresh for the Saturday tournament so figured I would do it Sunday or Monday. I was a little worried about being pretty sore Sunday from all the games we played, but I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up Sunday without much soreness. I met up with Dustin at the gym and did 17.2 in the early afternoon – my goal was to get through the 16 bar muscle-ups in round 3. I barely did it, and got 5 cleans for a score of 99 – a little annoying I couldn’t get to triple digits, but goal accomplished!

All in all, a pretty successful weekend: won volleyball tournament, 99 reps on 17.2, dominated in softball! Good start to summer!

Workout of the Day 3/6/2017 – Monday


A. Maintenance/Open Prep
5 Sets (untimed): 

2 Power Snatches
2 Hang Power Snatches
2 Snatch Balance
2 Overhead Squats

B. Met-Con
EMOM 10:
30s Row/30s Rest

Score total calories rowed.

C. Met-Con
EMOM 10:
0: 10 Thrusters (95#/65#)
1: 40 Double Unders

Rest 3 minutes between B and C. You can do B or C first and depending on rower availability.

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
400m Run
30 Goblet Squats
60′ Walking Lunge

CrossFit 101

Turkish Get-Up 5 x 3 (ea. arm)

Wall Balls
KB Swings
200m Run