How To Win At Everything


I’ve got a short story and I’ll promise to make it quick. Just last week my son Chase had his opening day at T-Ball. Along with the opening ceremonies there were vendors, rides, food and even some skills events. The skills event for T-ballers was merely to run the bases as fast as you can and the kid with the fastest time wins. Actually there was no skill involved really. Easy right??

Well after taking a quick glance at the field it looked like the kids participating were all bigger and moved a little better than little Chase. The event was to take place at the end of the day, and he seemed ready for a nap and we were tired and (insert what other excuses we had). He had no chance at winning anyway. The next day we heard that there were 2 winners in the Tball skills challenge. Only 2 kids participated. What?!? If we had just took an extra 15 minutes and gave him his shot he could’ve walked away with a prize.

Everyday we pass up easy opportunities because we have these internal scripts saying “We can’t because…”

  • “I don’t have the qualifications to apply for ….”
  • “I’m not fit enough for ….”
  • “I’m not as good looking so I can’t….”

In terms of CrossFit, it’s pretty main stream now. Millions of people watch it on TV and Facebook. Thousands see and want those results and thousands will have an excuse as to why they can’t. They already said they can’t before even putting one foot forward. For most of you just walking into the gym for the first time you had to face a lot of fear. Fear that would have keep millions on the couch. But you’ve already overcome the hardest part – TRYING.

You should never miss that promotion because you didn’t ask about it. You should never regret not getting into that program because you didn’t apply. You should never fail from a lack of effort because effort requires no skill! These opportunities can be won by anyone.  Your chances of winning improve by 100% by just putting in the effort.

Workout of the Day 3/21/2017 – Tuesday


A. Maintenance/Open Prep
ME Unbroken Reps (155#/105#)
ME Unbroken Reps (135#/95#)
ME Unbroken Reps (115#/75#)
ME Unbroken Reps (95#/65#)

Complete 1 max effort, unbroken set at each weight. Score for load, e.g. 10 x 155 + 10 x 135 + 10 x 115 + 10 x 95 = 1550 + 1350 + 1150 + 950 = 5000.

B. Met-Con
Squat Cleans (115#/75#)
C2B Pull-Ups

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
3 Rounds – AMRAP 7:
20 Wall Balls (16#/12#)
20 Sit-Ups

Rest 3 minutes between AMRAPs. Start over each time. Score reps for each AMRAP and total reps.

CrossFit 101

Rope Climb

4 Rounds:
10 Hang Power Snatches
200m Run
2 Rope Climbs
5 Push-Ups