BiPro Protein Water


I bet some of you are like me and never loved fiddling around with protein powders and shaker bottles. The idea of adding some protein and supplementing always sounds good, but can be a hassle. To that end, we added another product offering we thought you might like. It’s basically a protein water. Tastes pretty good and packs a solid protein kick. Details:

  • 20g Protein
  • 90 Calories
  • 0g Carbs
  • 5 Ingredients: Water, whey protein isolate (milk), phosphoric acid, natural lemon flavor and stevia extract.


Workout of the Day 12/16/2016 – Friday


A. Focus
3 Rounds (each for time):
10 D Ball Over Shoulder (120#/70#)
50′ Bear Crawl

Rest as needed between rounds.

hero-arthurlopezB. Met-Con
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats
5 Pull-Ups
10 Thrusters (95#/65#)

Police Officer Arthur “Artie” Lopez, 29, of Babylon Village, New York, was killed in the line of duty on Oct. 23, 2012. Officer Lopez, a decorated eight-year veteran of the force, was serving on the Emergency Services Unit at the Nassau County Police Department at the time of his death. He kept himself in peak physical condition for the job as a member of CrossFit Merrick in Bellmore, New York. Fran and Cindy were among his favorite workouts. He is survived by his sister, Charo; and parents, Alfonso and Mirella.