Repost: Paleo Eating Tips Part 2


So now you’ve got the Paleo all rolling, let’s keep the momentum and some tips to keep you on track…

1. Buy Crockpot liners

By now you know how helpful and stupid easy it is to use a Crockpot. If you’ve got into the groove and considered making them for multiple meals check out using crockpot liners. Essentially its  bag that you place in the crockpot before you add the food to the pot. When you’re food is done you can either leave the bag in the pot and dispose when you’re done (no cleaning!) or pull the whole bag and serve from the bag into another bowl.

crockpot liners

Easy cleanup if your on the crockpot mode.

2. Setup an exchange with your friends

There are a lot of members that are trying Paleo out right now and a lot that are being smart about it and prepping for days at a time. Find a friend ask if you can swap a couple of their meals for yours BOOM you’ve got variety.uclangela

3. Eat out before you eat out 

NCAA Final Four is coming! And you can either dive in head first into a bowl of nacho cheese or challenge yourself to stay on the tracks. Days like this are perfect for eating a big healthy meal before you go party, and bring a paleo snack with you just in case.

4. More fats

Find yourself trying to reach for snack since starting Paleo. One, you may not be eating enough calories. Yes you may have to eat more calories to fuel your workouts. Workout harder=greater gains. Second, eat more fats. Your body is slowly learning how to use fat as an efficient energy source so eat more nuts, coconut, fish, fish oil, avocado. It will also slow your digestion a bit keeping you satiated longer.

5. Brush your teeth

Ever brush your teeth and then thought how fresh your mouth felt. But ever feel like eating something right after brushing – probably not. Just the simple act of brushing or rinsing our mouth with mouthwash may prevent that reach for dessert.

6. Throw everything out

You can’t eat it if its not laying around. Do a pantry and fridge audit. Find anything that may tempt you and toss it. You should only have to do this once (unless you keep buying junk food! – Stop!) If you have kid(s) like I do, keep a separate area of the pantry with a child lock on it. The fact of just having to open that damn lock deters me from going in there for some savory goldfish crackers.

7. Drink more water

I don’t have the exact statistic but most times you feel hungry can be you body telling you its dehydrated. Start carrying a water bottle with you, keeping one on your desk, one in your car and one next to your bed.

8. Buy frozen

Sometimes its not convenient to cook or even buy fresh everyday from the store. First, spend the time to prep in advanced if your crunched on time. Second, if your like me when you prep on Sunday and ate all your food by Wednesday start buying precooked frozen proteins. They are at ALL grocery stores. Some are plain, some have sauces, either way its a lot better than the “chicken” nuggets you were eyeing.

9. Look up paleo fast food

This may not be 100% paleo (by Paleo Nazi standards), but with it being fast food you can still Order it your way. In and Out, Burger King, unknown burger joint, they can all make it lettuce wrapped. Having a chicken entree with rice, sub the rice for veggies. Just ask! With the whole gluten movement going on (and it being California) every restaurant LA is calorie/gluten/carb/Paleo conscious. JUST. ASK.

nomnom chipotle

Chipotle is one of my go to Paleo fast food fixes.

10. Get Paleo food brought to you!!

Lucky for you LAX CrossFit is affiliated with many local food providers that will bring clean food to the box so you have more time spend on other important things. You’ve heard us talk about My Power Supply, and it doesn’t get much easier than having fully prepared meals delivered right here to the fridge in the lounge. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?!?

Workout of the Day 9/29/2016 – Thursday


A. Focus
Full Snatch 5 x 1

B. Focus
Snatch Pull 3 x 3

C. Focus
Front Squat 5 x 2

D. Met-Con
KB Swings (2 pd/1.5 pd)
Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
400m Run
20 Sandbag Step-Ups
10 Burpees
2 Rope Climbs

CrossFit 101

Movement Review

Partner WOD
For Time:
100 Calorie Row
80 KB Swings
60 Wall Balls
40 Burpees
20 Thrusters
800m Run

You may break up the work however you choose, except for the last run, which you do together.