Repost: Paleo Eating Tips Part 1


The paleo challenge should only be the tip of iceberg for the rest of your life. The lessons you learn about yourself and your diet now will serve as precedent when the challenge is over and your on your own. Life has its daily challenges and it can be  hard to stay on track with your newly attained eating habits. After the challenge you’ll tell yourself that it wasn’t so bad and you’ll stick with it for the rest of your life. But for now, to help you along the challenge here are some quick tips that I’ve learned in the past 3 years to keep me on track.

Tips for the paleo challenge and to help stay paleo.

1. Get a slow cooker, pressure cooker or a rice cooker (not for rice)

These three things will make your life a lot easier when you have to start prepping your meals every week.

  • Slow cookers are pretty much set it and forget it tools. Find a paleo recipe, throw the ingredients in with very little prep, set it first thing in the morning or before you go to bed and wake up with a week’s worth of deliciousness.
    Crossfit cooker. Slow cooker taste without the slowness.

    Crossfit cooker. Slow cooker taste without the slowness.

  • Pressure cooker – picked up an Electric Instant Pot Pressure cooker during black Friday and has probably been one of my best pick ups to date. Think about the deliciousness of a slow cooker but your hungry right now. Made baby back ribs Sunday night in about 40 mins from packaging to my belly, crusted glaze and all.
  • Rice cooker – I almost tossed this out when I wanted to go paleo, but when I discovered you could use this for more than rice I found it a little home in our cupboards. You can use it to steam veggies in the little steam basket and best of all if your crave your carbs and love sweet potatoes you can throw 3 to 4 large sweet potatoes in with some water and steam them all in 15 minutes. The easiest way to steam sweet potatoes by the way.

2. Premake and prepack your meals

This one is easy. Look up some recipes you know you’ll like and make them for the whole week. Make a week’s worth breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If you’re like me you’ll have almost no cooking time once Monday starts and until Friday ends. Do yourself a favor and prep them over the weekend. **Also, if you’re just starting Paleo I suggest you find and cook meals that you enjoy eating. After you get used to the eating just meats, veggies and fats you can start prepping meals with more basic 3 step recipes and then cut down your cooking time to 2 hours a week, total.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks prepped for two for 5 days. 3 hours total of shopping and cooking.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks prepped for two for 5 days. 3 hours total of shopping and cooking.

Pastel de Papa and Brussel sprouts, bacon and chicken sausage.

Pastel de Papa and Brussel sprouts, bacon and chicken sausage.

Paleo Nick's Breakfast pizza

Paleo Nick’s Breakfast pizza

3. Preplan if you’re going out to eat/drink

We’re young and social. I get it. You may want a drink and hang out with your friends. If you have a designated driver, why not the hell pre-drink and save yourself a few bucks to spend on some quality food for that hangover. There are some designated paleo friendly alcohols and wine. Get your drink on and get it out of your system.

4. Easy on the fruit

Fruit is paleo but eat in moderation. Its a nice a quick snack to eat between meals but also don’t forget its high in sugar. Pack these in your bag when you think you might need them (good natural preworkout compared to powders). But eating to much can lead to too much sugar consumption. Go for lower sugar fruits like berries.

5. Buy proteins in bulk – meat, chicken, fish (uncooked or precooked)

This does not mean bulk protein powders. Real food has a better thermal affect then powders. Go to the grocery meat aisle and choose a meat that you could eat for dinner for the week and buy it up. If your really short on time go to a bulk grocer and buy them precooked and frozen. You can’t tell me you don’t have time to use a microwave. You’re not that lazy and you’re not that busy. Another easy one is grab an extra dozen eggs and hard boil them for the whole week. Easy peazy.

6. Get your butters

Nut butters that is. Almond butter, cashew butter, macadamia butter (not peanut butter). Butters are great snack to eat with that piece of fruit. Buy that in bulk too. Personal favorite is either Coscto Almond Butter or Justin’s. Can’t beat Justin’s consistency.

Go easy on the butters

Go easy on the butters

7. Make it taste good

This goes along with point 2. Learn to cook and find a recipes you’ll actually eat for a couple of meals. You’re not that fancy and you don’t have to have a different meal for every meal everyday. I’m pretty sure I had breakfast for dinner 3 times last week.

8. Share recipes or even meals with your buddies

I’m seeing some of our members out there sharing more than recipes with one another but actual meals. Pair up with a member, make a couple extra servings of what you’re cooking and swap them at the box. One less meal to plan that week.

9. Write down your progress/log or even have a calendar counting down

Beyond the challenge you won’t have a convenient online journal for your food but planning it out every week is a good way to keep you on track for the whole week. If you do need a progress log, use apps like MyFitnessPal that you and a friend can use to keep each other accountable. Or, set another goal for yourself and write it down on a calendar. Say by end of March you want to have no cheats and lose another 5 pounds or lose 1 pound a week.

10. Get a lunchbag

You can spend hundreds of dollars on a designer bag or wallet but can spend a few bucks on a lunch bag. People at work/school will see how much weight your losing and how much fitter you’re getting they won’t even know you’re carrying a bag. I personally spend a couple of bucks on bought a sixpackbag. Some days I leave the house before sun and and don’t come back til 8 or 9pm. With all of my meals packed and carried with me there’s no reason to wonder off to get fast food. Plus my food tastes better anyway.

Prepped for 16 hours with 3 meals, 3 snacks, water, coffee, shaker cup and suppplements.

Prepped for 16 hours with 3 meals, 3 snacks, water, coffee, shaker cup and suppplements.

Stay tuned for part two. If you read this far you might want to know how to prep your meals easier, how to make some easy to go protein and save you time overall so that eating well doesn’t feel like a chore.

Workout of the Day 9/27/2016 – Tuesday


A. Focus: Deadlift
Deadlift 3 x 5 @ 85% 1RM

B. Met-Con
Flight Simulator
Unbroken Double Unders

You must stop between sets. If you don’t go unbroken, you must redo that set. Time cap: 25 minutes.

CrossFit Lite

A. Met-Con
10 Rounds:
10 Goblet Squats (1.5 pd/1 pd)
10 Steps Walking Lunge
100m Run

Rest exactly 1 minute after each round (meaning runs should be all out). Score total time not including last rest.

CrossFit 101

5 x 200m Row

10 Jumping Lunges
10 Hang Power Cleans
10 Push Jerks