Repost: Don’t Sit


There is no question you’ve all heard me tell you to squat more, and not just squatting for strength and under a barbell. But rest in the squat, every day. Make it a habit. Something that is a part of what you do whenever you don’t feel like standing. Well this message is along the same lines, but a little different.

You’re all here for an hour, maybe two each day. We fill that hour with a good balance of strength, conditioning, mobility, and everything in between. What I’ve been seeing a little too much of is sitting during that hour. Of course it doesn’t happen much during the conditioning, but all too much during strength work. I don’t know about everyone reading this cause we all have different jobs and activities we do each day, but I sit plenty all day. The last thing I want to be doing while I’m working out is more sitting.

So…here’s a little challenge for everyone that will kill two birds with one stone. Any time you’re at the gym, try not to sit the entire time. At the very least until you’ve completed the conditioning and have exhausted yourself of all energy. Not only will you avoid adding more time to what we all undoubtedly do plenty of – sitting, but you’ll also start developing a great habit of resting in the squat. Another thing we all need to do a lot more of. #GetSome #SquatMore #DontSit

Workout of the Day 9/28/2016 – Wednesday


A. Focus
Power Snatch 5 x 3

B. Focus
Hang Squat Clean 5 x 2

C. Met-Con
Mini Bear Complex For Time
2 Rounds of 7 Unbroken Sets:
1 Power Clean (115#/75#)
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

This is a shortened version of Bear Complex at an Rx weight and for time. You must do 7 unbroken sets of the complex in each round. You can rest between rounds, but rest counts toward your total time.

CrossFit 101

Turkish Get-Up 4 x 4