Continuing on the theme of not only preparing for the Open and doing old Open workouts, we’re sharing history. History of the Open, history of the CrossFit Games, and history of the Sport of Fitness. Today we’re doing Open workout 11.3, and that particular workout was one of the first Open workouts because of its history in the CrossFit Games. It’s crazy to think that once upon a time, that weight used to be considered heavy even for some of the fittest on Earth. Khalipa is, was, and will probably always be a BEAST!

Workout of the Day 2/5/2016 – Friday


A. Maintenance
EMOM 10:
Odd – 30s C2W Handstand
Even – 30s Side to Side Stationary Swing

Watch the video below for the side to side swing.

B. Maintenance
Power Snatch 5 x 3

C. Focus Met-Con
CF Open 11.3
1 Squat Clean (165#/110#)
1 Jerk