The Corset


We’ve done it again! We’re officially hosting another Ido Portal Workshop! This time it’s The Corset, a workshop offering a modern/ancient approach to preparing, rehabbing, pre-habing, mobilizing, stabilizing and strengthening the body for the rigors of movement, a unique approach developed by Ido Portal ( from his extensive research into human movement.

If you’re a UFC/MMA fan, then you may have recently heard Ido’s name. He was working closely with Conor McGregor leading up to his title bout with Jose Aldo at UFC 194, where Conor knocked out Jose in 13 seconds!

We’re super excited to be able to bring The Corset Workshop and the Ido Portal Team to LA, right here at LAX CrossFit. It’s truly an honor to work with them and learn from an amazing teacher! If you’re interested, read more about it here:

Ido Portal - The Corset

Workout of the Day 1/19/2016 – Tuesday


A. Maintenance
EMOM 10:
Odd – 30s C2W Handstand
Even – 30s Passive Hang

B. Maintenance
EMOM 10:
Odd – 15s B2W Head In Handstand
Even – 30s Active Hang

C. Met-Con
EMOM 12:
Odd – 100m Run
Even – 5 Power Cleans (185#/125#)

CrossFit 101

Slam Ball
Box Jump
KB Swing

Tabata 20/10 (6/movement):
Slam Balls
Box Jumps
Air Squats
KB Swings