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Ring Dips!

Ring Dips!

Marlene has been a staple at LAX CrossFit for some time, so you probably know her and have seen her develop as an athlete. She’s also been helping with the 101 classes for a while, and a few months ago received her Level 1. She’s been a huge help with the first round of the 6 Week Challenge, and I’m happy to officially announce her as part of the LAX CrossFit Coaching Team. Here’s a little bit you may not know…

When the zombies come, what would your weapon of choice be and why?
Running…why marathon running is important.
Do you know who rob Orlando is?
Who? Do you know who Meb Keflezighi is?  What about Joan Benoit Samuelson?
What makes you keep going?
I keep going because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and even on days that are a little more cloudy than others, I know that the light is there.
Rest day means what?
I think it means that I get to run 🙂
Least favorite WOD?
Anything with a movement that I have not figured out.  Chris O’s programming is a little intimidating, but see #3 above.
Serious face, cause it's time to get busy!

Serious face, cause it’s time to get busy!

What are your goals in CrossFit?

1) To maintain the highest level of fitness my body is capable of
2) To be able to help people develop healthy fitness habits
3) To be able to lift my body weight in all movements
4) To finally get a muscle up!
Least favorite breakfast food?
Favorite WOD?
So many! Helen, Fran, Annie, Grace, Karen, Bear Complex, and Zoo’s Saturday programming
What’s the first thing you think when you open your eyes in the morning?
“What day is it?”
Have to give it up for life: chocolate or pizza?

Workout of the Day 10/7/2015 – Wednesday


Push Press 6 x 6

Tabata Something Else 40:20
Shoulder to Overhead (75#/55#)
Air Squats

4 Rounds per movement of 40s of work and 20s of rest. Rest 1 minute between movements.

CrossFit 101

Front Squat 6 x 4

Front Squats
KB Swings