Videos of the Week


This week’s videos theme is one of my favorite teachers – Ido Portal. His world is the world of movement and the many diverse forms it takes. It’s easy to see in his videos how he has dedicated his life to researching and exploring movement in all forms. However, it’s not so easy to pick only a few videos to showcase, as there are so many cool ones. If you want more, check out the Ido Portal YouTube Channel.

One of my new favorites is this one by Strength Project:

Then there’s the video that pretty much convinced me I had to go learn from him – Freedom:

I’ve read a lot of people’s write ups on his workshops, and he’s done many interviews explaining his work. But ultimately there is depth to his teachings that just can’t be put into words. Something in his philosophical view of movement that is much more than cool patterns, amazing feats, and even his own process and Method. Here are a couple of windows into that philosophy and humor:

And if you’re looking for something you can and should implement into your daily routine, then this is a great place to start:

Workout of the Day 9/10/2015 – Thursday


4 Strict Pull-Ups

Add weight each minute or reduce band. Score final successful weight/band.

For Time:
12 Man Makers (1.5 pd ea hand/1 pd ea hand)
40 Double Unders
9 Man Makers
40 Double Unders
6 Man Makers
40 Double Unders
3 Man Makers
40 Double Unders

Cash Out.
30 Dragon Flags

See demo.

CrossFit 101

Push Press 3 x 3
Push Jerk 3 x 2

10 Push Press
10 Box Jumps
10 Wall Balls