Say Hi!

Kazusa and Nick - coaches at LAX like to have fun!

Kazusa and Nick – coaches at LAX like to have fun!

Depending on when you come get your workout in, you might be seeing a lot of new faces over the next few weeks. Our 101 class has been growing steadily, and a bunch of them are transitioning to our regular CrossFit classes. They’ve been working hard and have learned a lot. If you see a new face in your class, be sure to say hi and introduce yourself.

We’re also starting our 6 Week Challenge tomorrow, and we have about 30 women who have committed to a total lifestyle change. They’re ready and all fired up to get started. We’re excited to have them as part of the LAX CrossFit family, and can’t wait to share our love of fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to say hello, and maybe remind them just how sore you were when you first started and that it does get better.

One of my favorite things about our gym is how friendly everyone is. Every time I walk in, I am greeted with smiling faces. People are working out, losing some sweat, blood, and tears, and sharing a conversation about just how hard it all was and that they can’t wait to do it again. It’s that kind of atmosphere that makes coming to the gym a great experience, and one that we all look forward to. Let’s keep up the good vibes! #GetSome

Workout of the Day 9/21/2015 – Monday


8 Deadlifts (225#/155#)
2 Box Jumps (30″/24″)

You may scale the box jump up in height.

E2MOM 12:
10/8 Calorie Row
10 Burpees

Cash Out.
3 Sets:
6 Good Mornings
6 Bulgarian Split Squats (ea. leg)

Rest 90s between sets. As heavy as possible without sacrificing form. 

CrossFit 101

Deadlift 8 x 3

4 Rounds:
15 Ring Rows
30 Double Unders or 60 Singles
200m Run