Athlete Spotlight: Emilie


Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 7.38.09 AMThere is one woman at our box who, in my opinion, has to be a Super Hero. Not only does she own our 5am class, she juggles two (adorable) kiddos with busy schedules, a full time job, is pursuing additional credentials for her career, and she also runs marathons and competes on behalf of our box at local competitions. She is definitely one of the founders of the “Bad@ss Moms of LAX” (as I like to think of them), and she inspires me daily with everything that she has and is accomplishing! Without further ado, meet Emilie:

How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you started?

I began CrossFit in May 2012. I was a member at the Spectrum Club and was bored of the same thing, so I wanted to try something new and different. While I was at my daughter’s school silent auction, I saw and read about LAX CrossFit, so I purchased a three-month certificate.  I attended the fundamental classes and was instantly hooked!

What is your favorite WOD/lift/skill? 

Well, I LOVE to run. I enjoy all met-cons that require endurance. I get excited when I see many movements and/or multiple parts (the famous Then…Then).  I love the speed aspect.

What movement is your least favorite and why? 

My least favorite is the Snatch and Overhead Squat because it is such an awkward feeling in my wrists and hands.

What are your CrossFit goals? 

My goals are to really focus on lifting correctly and increasing my weights.

If you weren’t doing CrossFit, you’d be… 

Well, I would probably be bored with the same old gym routine. With CrossFit, everyday is a new challenge, which I LOVE!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 7.37.56 AMHas CrossFit changed your life? How?

CrossFit has definitely made me conscious of my eating habits. I definitely eat mostly protein, vegetables, and fruit. I try to eat 80% paleo, but will never give up ice cream!  I eat various foods moderation.

Once you see the WOD each day, what’s the first thing you do/think? 

I think how will I attack the WOD and just go after it giving it my all!

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I am a mom of 2 girls, Olivia(9) and Alyssa(6), who take up most of my time with all their sports. I am very active, either bike riding, water skiing, playing soccer, and/or running.

What’s your day job? Title?

I am an Intervention Specialist for the Lawndale Elementary School District.  I also teach a Reading class for undergraduate and graduate students at Loyola Marymount University and currently going to school at night for my administrative credential.

Workout of the Day 9/28/2015 – Monday


Snatch Balance 3 x 2
Full Snatch 3 x 2

Handstand Push-Ups
Slam Balls (30#/20#)

Cash Out.
40 Barbell Ab Rollouts

CrossFit 101

Hang Power Snatch 5 x 5

3 Rounds:
400m Run
10 Hang Power Snatch
20 Air Squats