Programming Sep 2015


Kazusa and I had the privilege of programming the month of September. From an athlete’s perspective we thought it would be nice to know the general concept for the month and what to keep in mind when doing these workouts.

You may direct all love (and/or hate) to these two

You may direct all love (and/or hate) to these two

Some Key Points

  • You will see more skill days at the beginning of the month: Learning new skills, cleaning up bad habits, or scaling up skills that you may already have mastered. Then in later days/weeks, emphasizing the use of that skill with a required minimum amount of work using EMOM’s (every minute on the minute).
  • CASHOUT’s: Think of this as the extra work that should be done to get better but no one is telling you to do it…until now. It will get you closer to that pull-up, and even closer still to those abs you’ve been looking for all summer.

It is not programmed within the workout because: 1) it is to be performed not for time, 2) it is to be done with the best possible form and 3) it can be done immediately after the workout without having to interfere with the regular class WOD.

There may be a few movements that have yet to be taught or performed. As coaches we will post “how to” videos and/or will show you how to perform them in class. Try not to be intimidated by the work, as it should only take about 10 minutes.

So put away your equipment, grab your post workout shake and grab your friends.

  • Partner WOD’S: We’ve programmed one partner WOD every week, but on different days. These will be fun and challenging. Try to find a new partner every WOD as you’ll never know who can push you to the next level.  Note: these are programmed to give each person a fair amount of work so newbie or not, it will be “challenging”.
  • 9-11 WOD for 9-11 (Friday): The CrossFit Memorial WOD will be performed on 9-11 with movements and weights commemorating significant parts of this day.
  • Fight Gone Bad: Always a crowd pleaser and a workout that everyone looks forward to. Mainly because it has a cool back story. Anyone who has done CrossFit for a while has done this workout, and it leaves you feeling really accomplished and surprised by how much work you can put out. For those who have done it in the past it’s a good time to plan how you’re going to PR on this attempt.

All in all this month should serve as a great learning opportunity with a lot of fun WOD’S. If you have comments and/or questions specific to this month’s programming, please feel free to email Kazusa or myself. Or if you’d like to give us some anonymous feedback, email Arbel.

Workout of the Day 8/27/2015 – Thursday


Snatch 3-3-3-2-2-1

Kettlebell Overhead Squats (1.5 pd/1 pd)
Steps Kettlebell Walking Lunge
200m Run

Break up the KB overhead squats equally on both sides. Start on the weaker side.

CrossFit 101

Thruster 5 x 5

9 Thrusters
9 Burpees Over Bar
9 Box Jumps