Lessons from our Fathers

Me and my little Tasmanian Devil on Father's Day!

Me and my little Tasmanian Devil on Father’s Day!

I wanted to wish all the dads out there a belated Happy Father’s Day!! It’s the holiday that often gets forgotten in the fold of Mother’s Day and July 4th. It’s also a good one to look back at lessons our Fathers ingrained upon us. From saving money, dating, finding a job, or even doing your homework, you’ve all been shaped in some form or another from your dad’s teachings.

When I was younger I was a little Tasmanian devil ball of energy, and it’s something I can start to see in my son now. He knew early on that if I didn’t get some kind of exercise everyday that I would be wound up and a terror when I got home. So naturally I was involved in sports year around. Baseball, flag football, swimming, surfing, running, and especially basketball. Late summer nights when he would get home from work he would take me out to the park to shoot hoops for hours. Practicing jump shots, layups, ball handling skills, you name it.

Although I never became a professional ball player, the endless days of play taught me good work ethic. He showed me that practicing the small skills turned to larger, long term gains. Like how to place your fingers on the basketball seam for free throws, or how to follow through with the wrist both translated into a more consistent shot. And at the end of every session I couldn’t leave until I hit 10 solid free throws. He always said, “Keep practicing until it becomes automatic. You shouldn’t have to even think about it.”

Everyday is practice when we come into the box. We exercise for fitness but we also strive for proficiency in our movements. As an athlete try to improve on that one small skill every day until that skill becomes “automatic”. That small skill could be learning how to catch that barbell with high elbows in the clean, or keeping your thighs from touching the ground on push-ups. End the day with 20 solid full-range-of-motion strict banded pull-ups until you get that first one unbanded. Whatever it is, pick that one small thing each day. Those small gains will lead to great improvements in and out of the gym.

Workout of the Day 7/6/2015 – Monday


CrossFit Total
Back Squat 1
Shoulder Press 1
Deadlift 1

Take 1 hour to find your 1 rep max in each of the 3 lifts. Rest as needed between lifts. You can do them in any order you choose, but once you move on to another lift you can not go back and make another attempt at the other lift(s).

CrossFit 101

Pause Back Squat 5 x 4

Pause at the bottom for 4 seconds.

Calorie Row
Wall Balls