My Amazon Fish Oil Buy Guide


There’s nothing you can’t fix with a little fish oil and squats. Although not completely true I’d like to think it is. We all know the health benefits of squats but fish oil is still a deficiency in many athlete’s diets.

By no means is this a definitive end all guide to buying fish oil. There are very notable brands well known to the community that didn’t make it to the list simply because it wasn’t as easy for me to look up and hell, let’s just say its so damn easy to look up and buy stuff from Amazon. This is a just a quick lookup I did for myself that I’m passing on to you.

So the criteria for me choosing what I was going to buy was how much a fish oil didn’t have crap filler in it (how pure) and the price per pill that I was paying for. Let me first say that this kind of scrutiny should also be done with whatever food you put in you mouth. Ground beef, for example, has a percentage of fat in it. Sure 75% lean is cheaper than 95% lean but is it worth it especially if you’re going to cook off that extra 20% of fat anyway? Or is it 95% lean grass feed beef (or bison for that matter)?

Getting back to what I wanted to show you. Here’s the table.


Big discrepancy in purity and filler from pill to pill right? I simply outed any brand that I couldn’t immediately find readily available information from Amazon. And sure the NutriGold was a little more expensive but I am paying for higher quality pill. Meaning I will have to ingest less number of pills and a lesser amount of filler.

Here are the links in the table order above:

  1. Nature’s Bounty
  2. Omega Boost
  3. NutriGold
  4. Optimum OMEGA 3
  5. Body Vega
  6. Kirkland
  7. Nature Made
  8. Nature Made
  9. New Chapter
  10. Barleans
  11. Optimum Nutrition

Notable mention that didn’t make it to the Amazon list:

Workout of the Day 6/23/2015 –¬†Tuesday


Snatch 1

Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy single.

For Time:
75 Snatches (75#/55#)

Time Cap: 8 min.

CrossFit 101

Split Jerk 5 x 3

2 second hold in catch.

Calorie Row