Product review: Nike MetCon 1


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Finally, the brand that proud itself on being the elite shoe and apparel company for everything sports related has finally came out with their CrossFit Functional Fitness shoe, the Nike Kobe IV V VI MetCon 1. Lets talk about the materials used that make up this great shoe.

First, Nike Flywire as defined by Nike on their website; “Nike Flywire technology consists of strategically placed filaments that function like cables on a suspension bridge and offer support precisely where it’s needed. These strong Flywire filaments are applied to a minimalistic shoe upper, reducing weight to create Nike’s lightest footwear. Paper-thin fabric covers the top of the foot, with the Nike Flywire technology attaching to the outsole and holding the foot in place.” In some shoes that Nike sell, you can see the Flywire, however, they elected to cover up the Flywire with Nike’s Hyperfuse technology.

“Nike Hyperfuse construction fuses three different layers of material using a hot-melt process, which creates an unusually sturdy shoe with superior breathability. This breakthrough process provides a more consistent fit and nearly eliminates stitching on the upper for a clean, modern finish.” This material makes the shoe more resistant to falling about due to minimal/no stitching. Mesh is typically used with this technology to keep the shoe light and breathable.

On the inside part of the sole it reads “004 sticky rubber” and RS001 Rubber.” I could not find anything explaining these rubber compounds, so based off my personal use of the shoe I will assume the “004 sticky rubber” in the leading half of the shoe is soft and really sticky rubber. Great for traditional in the box workouts and excellent for asphalt prowler pushes and standard running(also aided by slits on the side). The “RS001 Rubber” found in the trailing half of the shoe is a bit stiff. Good for moderate weightlifting and movements that involves going below parallel often. Both sides of the sole wing out slightly for added stability in squatting and lateral running. A big plus in my opinion.

Release-Reminder-Nike-Metcon-1-2This leads me to the insole of the shoe. Boasting a 4.0mm heel drop, this allows more comfort when squatting with more of a forward lean running form.

The bottom of the shoe has hexagonal patterns that help with flexibility, also the same patterns on the side of the shoe provides great grip for rope climbs.


Overall, the shoe is solid. However, there are some drawbacks that I hope Nike will address when they release the MetCon 2. First, the insole; A 4.0mm heel drop is not the best for the majority of the movements we do. When lifting heavy weights I noticed a lot of instability in the bottom position due to the “squishiness” of the insole. I hope the next version of the shoe starts at a 0.0mm heel drop with insole options of greater quality, based on the needs of the workout. Next, the mesh can get dirty really quickly. Its basically a filter for dirt. If you have bright colored shoes they will turn dim fast if used outside or in a dirty gym. The hexagonal patterns on the bottom of the shoe aren’t great in wet grass or wet artificial turf.  We in SoCal won’t really face that type of issue, but if that’s a consistent issue you’re faced with then try wearing cleats. Lastly, the weight of the shoe is a bit on the “heavy” side. Compared to the 10.1oz Nano, the Metcon 1 weighs 11.2oz. I feel Nike will address that issue quickly.

Dj Clark Kent made the grey/black/volt colorway popular with his collaborations with Nike

Dj Clark Kent made the grey/black/volt colorway popular through his collaborations with Nike

My final thoughts on the MetCon 1; Its a great first shoe for Nike. A solid shoe for everything we do in the gym. It’s not the best for running(do we run much?), but I would sacrifice some comfort while running for PR’s and comfort in the gym any day. Don’t let the hype of obtaining the shoe break your wallet. This shoe is meant to be used and abused. No one in their right mind should pay $250+ for shoes you’re going to beat up(I’m a sneakerhead so I know). Just be patient and soon more pairs will be widely available to the masses(Plus Nike I.D.).


Workout of the Day 3/12/2015 – Thursday


‘Lil Cindy’
3 Pull-Ups
6 Push-Ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute

3 Pull-Ups
6 Push-Ups
9 Squats

Score each AMRAP and total reps.

Use whatever time is left to work on mobility and to practice skills/movements in preparation for 15.3 and beyond. Don’t know what movements are likely to appear in the rest of the Open? Ask a coach – they know!!

CrossFit 101

Push Press 3 x 3
Push Jerk 3 x 2

10 Push Press
10 Box Jumps
10 Wall Balls