Dear Diary


Write It Down

In the coming month there will be programmed a good amount of non-olympic strength and olympic lift strength movements. I’m going to say it’s a requirement and not a suggestion to get a notebook today. Call it a daily diary, notebook, journal, record keeper, whatever. Steal your kids’ notebook or even staple a bunch of copy paper together. Do whatever it takes to get a notebook.

For some it may be good enough to use pictures or a wod app on your phone but there is no replacement for a written down notebook. It’s always available, you don’t need to charge it and searching through it can be easier than you think.

Your maxes is one of many good reasons to have a journal!

Your maxes is one of many good reasons to have a journal!


Why take notes? I thought we were working out?? If I handed out a burpee for every time someone has told me, “But I don’t remember what my 1RM was (that we did last week mind you)??” Dave Castro would be put into tears with how many burpees were handed out. Just like the open leaderboard, or the daily whiteboard, it allows you to look back at how long ago you did a workout, or how long ago you performed your PR lift. From there it provides you a gauge of where to start or where to finish your sets for that day. Members of globo gyms wander in mindlessly just picking and choosing what machine to use or which part of their body they’d like to feel sore for that day. That’s not us. CrossFit in its definition of fitness is measurable work performed across broad time and modal domains.

In fact, if you attend my class and you tell me you don’t know where to start your lift because you don’t remember what it was,  it will be an automatic 15 burpees for the entire class.

You as athletes spend too much time, effort and money to waste it by going backwards and not making any progress. Who wants to workout everyday so they can get weaker?

Workout of the Day 3/31/2015 – Tuesday


Handstand Push-Up Practice/Progressions

‘Strict Press Biathlon’:
21 Strict Press (95#/55#)
400m Run
15 Strict Press
400m Run
9 Strict Press

Every time you break a round of strict press, a 10 burpee penalty is incurred.

CrossFit 101

ME 500m Row x 2

5 Rounds:
10 Thrusters
10 Ring Rows
10 Sit-ups