Paleo Super Bowl Eats


IMG_5463The biggest football game of the year is approaching! Those of you that are rockin’ the paleo challenge are probably wondering how you can survive enjoy the game and keep paleo. The good news is that if you put in a bit of effort and have some basic kitchen skills, you can come up with a delicious menu that satisfies all your football-food cravings. I went ahead and found some paleo recipes that look delicious and perfect for snacking on during the game – sadly, there isn’t a paleo version of beer yet, but you can totally enjoy a glass of red wine or tequila with these. I haven’t made all them, but if you do, take pictures and make sure to tag #LAXCrossfitPaleoChallenge on Instagram and Facebook!



Sauces and Dips:



And reminder: we’re hosting our second Paleo Potluck on February 13th at the box! It’s going to be super fun and some of our awesome members have even wrangled some cool free stuff from their jobs for us to sample. You don’t have to be doing the challenge to participate, so we’ll see you then!