Bad Behavior


It’s 2015! I’m sure you’ve figured that out already, but wow, this year is moving quickly! We’ve noticed that there has been an increase in bad behavior absent-mindedness at the Box. If you want our Box to be a nice place, it’s going to take everyone working together. The staff at the Box literally cannot keep up with the mess that’s being made, and frankly, they shouldn’t have to. Let’s work together to fix this. A quick review of some of our Box’s policies and rules:

  • Take care of your equipment. I recently found a 5lb plate in the 2.5lb plate stack. That’s just lazy, and it’s unacceptable. 
    Sorry, not even adorably lazy kitties get a free pass.

    Sorry, not even adorably lazy kitties get a free pass.

  • Pick up boxes instead of dragging them. Dragging the ruins the edges and makes them dangerous for box jumps.
  • Don’t drop or dump unloaded bars. They have feelings too – and that breaks them.
  • Remember to roll up yoga mats and wipe them down. Cold and flu season is coming….
    Except its less funny when you actually get sick.

    Except it’s less funny when you actually get sick.

  • Make sure to put up your bands, boxes, plates, or any other equipment used or left out during your class.
  • Clean the bathroom after you use it. I recently walked into both bathrooms one day to find something that looked like this:

    but without the cute dog. The kicker was that both toilets hadn’t been flushed. That is disgusting. 


Pretty accurate depiction of my reaction.

  • Taking a mid-WOD pee break? Eat the 15 seconds to flush the toilet or suffer the wrath of the box staff.

The Coaches are here to coach your progress, not nag. Let’s all recommit to keeping our Box a clean, fun, and happy place. It’s 2015, time to #GetSome!

Workout of the Day 1/22/2015 – Thursday


3 Sets (not for time):
5 Bench Press
3 Weighted Pull-Ups

Pull-Ups should be strict.

3 Rounds:
500m Row
12 Thrusters (115#/75#)
21 Toes to Bar

CrossFit 101

Deadlift 5 x 5

3 Rounds:
15 V-Ups
15 Mountain Climbers
15 Wall Balls