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Here we go again. The official LAX CF Xmas party will be at EST (Establishment) in Hermosa Beach Friday 12th December after the Grid match which means people will likely start rolling in around 9pm. Fingers crossed the bouncer will let us all in.

FB page coming shortly so you can all co-ordinate your ugly sweaters or whatever people wear to Xmas parties these days. No need to RSVP, just show up an drepresent (but not in gym clothes) See you ALL there!


Workout of the Day 12/3/2014 – Wednesday



High Hang Power Clean 4 x 4

This is all about technique, NOT about how quickly you complete the repetitions. If you don’t know what your 1RM is, please warm up with light weight before moving up in weight. If you do know, don’t go heavier than 75% of your 1RM. Stick with that weight for all 4 sets. Make sure you are resetting each time before you lift.

For Time:
15 Ring Dips
15 Ring Rows
100m Row
12 Ring Dips
12 Ring Rows
200m Row
9 Ring Dips
9 Ring Rows
300m Row
6 Ring Dips
6 Ring Rows
400m Row
3 Ring Dips
3 Ring Rows
500m Row


6 Sets (not for time):
1 High Hang Clean + 1 Hang Clean from above the knee

Warm up with light weight and get to 70%-80% of your 1RM. Use the same weight for all 6 sets. Make sure you receive in full squat position. This is all about technique, NOT about how quickly you complete the repetitions. Make sure you are resetting each time before you lift.

For Time:
5 Muscle-Ups
100m Row
4 Muscle-Ups
200m Row
3 Muscle-Ups
300m Row
2 Muscle-Ups
400m Row
1 Muscle-Up
500m Row

CrossFit 101

A. 3 Sets (not for time):
5 Pull-Ups
30 second plank hold
20 Steps Walking Lunge

Rest 60 seconds between sets.

B. 4 Rounds:
200m Run
20 Goblet Squats
20 Kettlebell Swings