Athlete Spotlight: Missy Berkowitz



Reminder about thanksgiving schedule. Last class tomorrow (Wednesday) is 6pm. One WOD only on Thursday at 10am, and one only on Friday 10am, then back to our normal schedule of class.


handstand walk

Most of you know Missy, the tiny dynamo who rocks the 6am class and who is one of the founding members of #teamnosandbagging. Missy is an amazing, inspirational woman who is kicking booty in competitions and in PR-ing life. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should – its so good we even got her to start blogging here!

How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you started?
Three years. I was running and kickboxing about 3 times a week each right before I broke my foot. When I came out of a cast, I was really frustrated that I had lost so much muscle and I couldn’t get back to where I was. I was bored with the elliptical (I wasn’t ready yet for anything high impact). My friend had just gotten her cert at the time and recommended I try CrossFit as I could scale and modify workouts.

What is your favorite WOD/lift/skill? What movement is your least favorite and why?
I get pretty excited for bench press, HSPU, back squats and jerks (the movement, not the men..). I like EMOM’s, Cindy and I kind of dig Barbara. I absolutely hate wall balls and please never make me do Fran again.

Check out those guns!

Check out those guns!

What are your CrossFit goals?
My goals seem like they are always changing. Currently I have dreams of being a pseudo gymnast so I really want to learn how to do butterfly pull ups and muscle ups. A 200 lb back squat would be sweet too. Probably though the goal I need to focus the most on is conquering my mobility issues from my foot injuries so that I can actually do OHS without looking like an old lady.

If you weren’t doing CrossFit, you’d be…
Bringing step aerobics back.

Has CrossFit changed your life? How?
YES! How could it not? The short answer is I am healthier, happier and more confident. I have met some of the most amazing, influential and supportive friends through CrossFit who help me enjoy life to the fullest. Plus my colleagues think I am a crazy CrossFit chic so I seem to get away with more at the office. (I have been known to threatened people with burpee penalties).

I know you were really vocal about using the BodySpec scan that we had come into the Box. What did you think about that?
Before BodySpec I was in denial that I needed to lose a few pounds. Seeing the data was a kick in the ass I needed. You can’t argue with data.It really helped me restructure my diet which not only helped me lose weight but helped my overall performance in workouts. It’s great to change something and actually see results.

I know you used to run a lot; do you have any sports background?
I have absolutely no sports background unless you count that I used to take stats for the boys basketball team in high school (many moons ago). I got into fitness and working out after college and gradually over the years I have taken on bigger challenges.

Once you see the WOD each day, what’s the first thing you do/think?
First I analyze and then stress. Then I contemplate if I am going to do athlete or competitor or something in between. Eventually I come up with some plan that usually involves sandbagging, which I know will never fly with the sandbagging police at 6 am.

Girl's got ups

Girl’s got ups

How did you like competing in the GRID series with V CrossFit? Would you do it again?
I loved it and hated it at the same time. I enjoyed the camaraderie and meeting new athletes. I liked being challenged but that also stressed me out at the same time. I didn’t grow up an athlete so I just don’t think I am wired to handle competitions. Although…Competing is kind of like getting sick from too much drinking. When you are going through it, you swear up and down you will never do it again. Then a few weeks goes by and you forget that feeling of near death and do it all over again. So I know better than to say I will never do Grid again.

What’s your favorite cheat food?
My favorite cheat food is kogi tacos. I am also seriously addicted to almond butter and Paradise Bowls (I could be a spokesperson for them).

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?
I wanted to be a writer when I was growing up so thank you LAX CrossFit for letting me live out my childhood dream by blogging!

Anything you wanna add? Maybe a little bit bout yourself, where you grew up, where you went to school and what you do for work etc.
I am an east coast girl. I grew up in NJ and went to college in Pittsburgh. I’ve always been drawn to California and moved out here 5 and a half years ago. I work in Business Analysis for DIRECTV, and yes I get free NFL Sunday Ticket.

Workout of the Day 11/26/2014 – Wednesday



Power Clean + Front Squat 5 x 2

Each rep is 1 power clean and 1 front squat. Reset for 2nd rep in each set – not touch and go.

3 Front Squats (135#/95#)
(2/1) Rope Climbs @ 15′
10 Push-Ups
200m Run


Cleans 2-2-2-2

Each set of 2 should be heavy and full squat cleans. Reset for 2nd rep in each set – not touch and go.

3 Front Squats (Bodyweight)
(2/1) Legless Rope Climbs @ 15′
10 Deficit Push-Ups (45#/25#)
200m Run