Missy vs NLI


This is a guest post from Missy, she was one of the 6 LAXCF’rs that competed in the NLI this last Saturday alongside Alex PD and Jorge who also got their CF Competition cherry popped! Keenan was in it too, but he is such a veteran at these things he also competed the night before! Miriam was also competing and TK who is an honorary LAXCF member.

50 WB's then a bunch of pull-ups, then some box-jumps

50 WB’s then a bunch of pull-ups, then some box-jumps

My first individual CrossFit competition is done! It’s something I never really thought I would ever do for so many reasons.

I didn’t grow up an athlete (I was the one on the sidelines taking stats for the high school basketball team).  I didn’t really know what was out there other or even got a taste of what I was capable of until I was probably 30. Before that I subscribed to the average gym rat mentality of squeezing in a few spin classes a week and maybe some light weight lifting.

So what happened at 30? I was consulting and traveling for a job that took me to Denver from NJ every week on and off for two years.  I was getting a per diem that I wasn’t spending. Since it was more or less tax free extra income (I am so grateful for that perk!) I decided I wanted to have personal training sessions in Denver. My first trainer, Drew, was amazing and I worked with him for probably a year until he moved to Florida. When we started he said he had just gotten back from serving in the military and had gotten certified in Personal Training. He had me doing insane workouts that had movements I had never done before like deadlifts, push press, assisted pull ups. Some days he called the workouts names like “Diane” or “Jackie”. Sound familiar? I didn’t put two and two together until 3 years later when I found my workout journal that his certification was in CrossFit.

My goal was to drop some lb’s at the time.  I had no idea how invigorated I would get from working out. Shortly after I moved to LA, I decided I should start running. I started doing 5k races and then 10k’s. I am definitely not a natural born runner and I noticed my confidence building for tackling something that I didn’t think I could do. I also started doing kickboxing and was finding that my life revolved around fitness. I couldn’t have been happier.

Then just when I was at the best shape I had ever been at, I broke my foot. That took me out of commission for the 6 weeks I was in a cast. I lost a ton of muscle tone everywhere and was so frustrated when the cast came off at how slow the recovery was. I was limited in what I could do and struggled with finding a workout that that could get me back in shape.

As if running isn't hard enough without carrying weight overhead!!

As if running isn’t hard enough without carrying weight overhead!!

One day I was having lunch with one of my good friends, Nikki, who at that time had gotten certified for CrossFit and was always talking about and facebooking all things CF related. She told me I was feisty enough to try it and that I could find ways to modify it to take the pressure off my foot.

And so I did. I joined a box and dutifully went most mornings at 6. After a year and half I decided the commute to it was taking its toll and joined LAX. I feel so at home at LAX and cannot even say enough good things about the community, the athletes and the coaches. I found I was getting stronger in the 7  months I’ve been there and my confidence level was going up. I had gone to comps to watch my friends and started wondering what it would be like to actually be in one.

After being harassed relentlessly by a fellow LAX’er (you know who you are) I signed up for NLI. I recruited Nikki to help me train on Saturdays and started getting as ready as I could for it. Then a week before the big day, I found out I have Plantar Fasciitis. I had done a practice 10k run for a race I was doing the next week and was having nonstop horrible for the days after in the same foot I broke. Turns out it’s a result of the scar tissue and what not. Anyways, I was beyond depressed over this. It had been 3 years since the injury and I was so over having my workouts dictated by a foot.  I realized there was no way I could run the race  and I questioned if I could even do NLI. Ask anyone who saw me or talked to me the week leading up to it what a stress case I was.  Wall balls, box jumps and running were all part of the comp and to me that equated to excruciating pain.

I emailed NLI a few days before to see if I decided I couldn’t compete, if I could defer. I was told they were oversold and if I could tell them in the next hour what my decision is, I could get a credit for another comp.  I was tempted to bail but after getting sense talked into me by Marlene and encouragement and a plan of attack from Zoo, I realized I wasn’t ready to say no.  I rested my foot as much as I could and worked out around it.

Blast from the past, workout journal entry.

Blast from the past, workout journal entry.




I made it to NLI. I can’t say I crushed most of it but I had some moments of proving myself as an athlete. Overall I am happy with what I did given I was competing with an injury. But what I really got out of it has taken me so by surprise. I am overwhelmed by the support of so many people. For a girl who didn’t grow up in the athletic spotlight, it was surreal to be working out essentially with a crowd of people watching and cheering. It wasn’t about trying to place, it was about just getting out of my comfort zone. It was about proving to myself that I could be pretty bad ass (I smoked the bench press, 34 reps in two minutes. Yeah that’s a shameless plug). I came home from the competition elated, exhausted, accomplished, amazed, humbled.  There were flowers outside my front door from a good friend of mine congratulating me and that’s when it hit me. This competition is a big deal and a huge accomplishment in my life. I may not have made it to the top ten or even the top half. It is ok because in the bigger scheme of things, I, we rather at CrossFit as we do this every day, challenge ourselves in ways that so many people do not.

So to sum this up and quote my friend Sonia after she watched me do my last workout at NLI,

“I think you did a stupendous job”.


Workout of the Day 2/11/2014 – Tuesday


Hang Power Clean 3 x 3
Power Clean 3 x 1

Rest 90 seconds between each set. 

‘Elizabeth’: 21-15-9
Cleans (135#/95#)
Ring Dips


Power Clean (175#/115#)
Power Clean (155#/105#)
Power Clean ( 135#/95#)

‘Elizabeth’: 21-15-9
Cleans (135#/95#)
Ring Dips

Cash Out.
Bench Press 3-3-3-3

Perform 10 Push-Ups after each set. Rest 2 minutes.