Speed Rules


Last day of not knowing the WOD. Hope the week didn’t kill you guys too much. Maybe you appreciate the WOD’s being posted more, maybe your addiction to knowing waned a bit. Either way, the experiment is over…for now.

In just about every sport,  the better athletes are usually bigger, stronger but most importantly FASTER than their competition. In the world of weightlifting your only competition is the weight on the bar that you’re moving.  This Sunday we will first work on building confidence getting under the bar and then work on accessory drills to help work on speed getting under the bar in both the Snatch and C&J.

In other news…did anyone ever know that they have competitive Kettlebell snatch competitions? I stumbled upon this gem recently and it looks like they’re doing an AMRAP 10 min of KB swings at either 16kg or 24kg. Look at the efficiency used by these men and women…pretty awesome

Digging a little deeper, it looks like they do a biathlon with two AMRAPs of a 1Arm snatch and KB jerks with two Kettlebells.