Lately it seems like the competition bug has spread throughout the gym very quickly. I have been getting tons of questions and concerns from a bunch of you guys. I cant help being nothing but excited for all of you! Its a great experience that I believe everyone should do at least once, just for fun. Of Course when you are ready for it.

Competing is not just about going out there to show everyone how much of a badass you are. It is a great chance to put your fitness to a real test. A great way to set several goals and learn new things about your abilities.

One of the main reasons I compete so much is because every single time I get my ass handed to me. I come out with tons of personal feedback. The biggest reason why I love it so much is because there hasn’t been a competition yet where I have found some new hole. Hole, meaning something that I need to improve and work on. I go away every time with something that needs to get better. This to me is well worth it. Its what allows myself to stay focused and driven.

For example this weekend, the one thing that killed me were heavy clean and jerks. My game plan for attacking this is focus on heavy metcons. Be able to move large loads quickly and try to maintain it at high intensity.

Now I know competing can be extremely intimidating. Work hard every day in the gym and try one out just for fun! There are several competitions that are for beginners as well! And if you haven’t caught the bug don’t worry keep coming in the gym and continue to work hard. Maybe it could be a new CrossFit goal to have? ¬†Slam bars and make new Pr’s my friends.


Skill/Movement Saturday:

Double Unders

Mobility Saturday:

Hip Mobility

Workout of the Day 8/22/2013 – Thursday

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5

Overhead Squat (115#/75#)
Toes to Bar