Skills Day


I’m sure all of you have noticed that we started to program more “skills” sessions during the wods. We’ve noticed that we don’t spend enough time working on skills or technique, at least not as much as we would like. But 15 minutes, twice a week, although better than none, is not enough. So this Saturday we’ll dedicate the entire class hour to work on a few skills we might not otherwise get to spend some serious time on. Handstand walks, pistols, and rope climbs. Some are more technique-driven, some are most mobility biased.

I recently stumbled on a blog that goes into pretty good detail about the progressions of handstands and pistols. Check em out.



Lastly, probably the most comprehensive, beastly rope climb video I’ve seen.

Workout of the Day 7/4/2013 – Thursday

July 4th WOD

Just show up at 10am, its the only class of the day and we will surprise you, muahhahahahaha!