Toes to Bar


Your prayers have been heard and will finally be answered. We will have a toes to bar clinic for this week’s mobility/skills class. I know we have a huge team of dedicated femme royale competitors that are itching to get their toes to bars down. So this is where we can start to break down the movement, learn progressions, and figure out efficiency techniques for any skill level.

The video above does a great job of explaining which movement patterns translate nicely to toes to bar. Khalipa explains that the movement is hinged on the shoulders and the downward push on the bar to bring your toes to the bar, which is counter intuitive. Most everyone’s first instinct when doing a toes to bar is to swing their feet and legs to get there. This works fine for 1 rep, but its nearly impossible to transition smoothly to the next rep.

Wrong bar, Kimmie smiley face! But always great effort.

Wrong bar, Kimmie smiley face! But always great effort.

Here’s a general outline of what we’ll cover :

  • The basic toes to bar -proper form, ideal hand placement, body positioning
  • Progressions – for those of you who are competing in less than a month, we’ll develop a plan to get you the best toes to bar possible. For those of you not competing, we’ll come up with movements and progressions you can do that will guide you to proper and efficient toes to bar.
  • Efficiency techniques – we’ll talk strategy and efficiency techniques based on your goal, workout, number of reps, etc.

Regionals Tickets Giveaway!

We still have games tickets left. The 50 likes/pic competition is still valid and we are adding another one to the mix. Upload a video to youtube of you doing burpees or HSPU in a public place. Here is the fine print;

• Has to be in a public place. Your living room doesn’t count, in the middle of a meeting in the conference room at your work does. In line at Starbucks counts, at a CrossFit affiliate does not count! You get the idea of what we are looking for here.

• 15 consecutive burpees or hand stand pushups gets you a single day ticket, 40 consecutive gets you a 3 day pass. Think about it, thats $1/burpee!

• Paste the youtube link to our facebook timeline for entry.

• You don’t need to get any votes to win, you just need to do it. Subject to ticket availability and Adan no-repping you if any reps look questionable.

• No scaling the movements

• Have to be a current LAXCF member

• Video can’t be previously filmed and uploaded


Workout of the Day 5/9/2013 – Thursday

3 x 10 
Weighted Good Mornings
3 x 15 Barbell Roll Outs

400m Run
2 for 1 Wall Balls (20#/16#)
Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
400m Run