Start Strong


Often times, during a lift or mid-wod, the only thing going through your mind is to get that barbell over your head. Whatever it takes. So you step to the bar, rip it off the ground as fast as you can, it flies up over head, and now your back is tweaked. But hey, you made the lift!


We tend to rush through lifts, often skipping one of the most important components in movement, the start. But this is a critical portion to a strong and, more importantly, safe lift. It only makes sense. If you don’t start correctly, how can you finish correctly?

This Saturday, we’ll be going over some general hip and ankle flexibility techniques, as well as some basic and universal body positions that you’ll be able to use for most lifts and movements we do in CrossFit. These basic positions will help you develop an understanding for how your spine, hips, knees and ankles work together, and how to generate the most efficient and safest power you can.

Flag Football Tournament – Saturday, 2/23 – 1 pm

Workout of the Day 2/22/2013 – Friday

Atlas Stone Clean 4 x 5 (120#/70#)

Scale to 30# Slam Balls. If it’s too light, do 4 x 15.

Partner Chipper:
100 Thrusters (115#/75#)
300 Double Unders
100 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups