Paleo Potluck!


Paleo people and all LAXers, listen up. Sanjito has an announcement…

Deliciousness from one of our first paleo potlucks.

Deliciousness from one of our first paleo potlucks.

Hey Everyone!

Paleo Potluck this Friday (2/22) at 7:00pm!  Get your evening WOD on, and then chow down on some great food.  Perfect opportunity to start talking trash about flag football the next day.

We’re 6 weeks into the Paleo Challenge and it’s going strong.  There’s been a lot of dedicated participants, and we’ve formed a great little email community to motivate each other and to share experiences.  Of course, everyone’s bodies react differently.  Chris has lost 20 pounds already, while a couple others haven’t lost that much.  However, what is true for *all* of the strict followers, after a week or two of feeling sluggish and adjusting to the Paleo lifestyle, they’re feeling more energetic and are seeing a lot of improvements in their strength.

So, all you non-Paleo Challenge people.  Please come on Friday!  Try some delicious food.  Talk to the participants.  They’ll share their experiences about it.  I understand that the challenge might have been overwhelming (8 weeks! Superbowl! Valentines! Birthdays!), but it’s not a bad idea to slowly incorporate clean eating into your life.  You’ll get some good ideas and recipes on Friday.

Just to recap if you don’t know what Paleo lifestyle is.  Simply:  Eat veggies, meat, some nuts, seeds, and fruit, and little starch.  Sleep well. Work out.

Long answer – click here.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment!



Workout of the Day 2/20/2013 – Wednesday

Split Jerk 3 x 2 – 1-1-1

30 Clean + Jerk (135#/95#)