Last night I briefly mentioned that Paleo makes you think better. Some of you probably glossed over it, but really it’s true. Before I get into the empirical evidence, I’d like to submit some sensible personal opinion. I think of myself as a thinker, and I know for a fact that when I’m eating Paleo I think better. I’m more lucid, more alert, and pretty much just smarter. Now if I could only stick with it, I could avoid hitting my dumber phases where I indulge in a fun daily ice cream diet that makes me blissfully ignorant.

Some not so empirical data

Please don’t be dissuaded by the man angle of this article, his point of fatty food makes you smarter is proven in many studies. Here’s another guy’s own observation of his experience with eating paleo and its affects on his intelligence – not so empirical, but enough to make that guy happier.

This one isn’t so much about Paleo specifically. It’s actually describing what it calls a next generation of Paleo, titled ‘The Bulletproof Diet”. I actually really like the concept that it’s updated regularly with scientific study. Another thing I really appreciate in that article is the graphic which details the degree of what’s good and what you should avoid. You often hear that things are not Paleo and therefore you shouldn’t eat them, but it’s nice to know that if you’re going to stray from time to time, what’s a better straying. For example, I like knowing that indulging in my people’s staple food, hummus, is slightly less harmful than getting down with some peanuts or soy products. Good to know and yay, hummus!

Real Deal Science

This one is on NPR. Doesn’t get more sciency than that. They break down when we started eating meat and how it may have made us significantly smarter. We went from spending most of our energy on digesting vegetables, to having more time to develop a bigger brain. Yay, big brains!

Circling Back

So what’s this got to do with you, the paleo challenge of course. If you are doing it, then you’re probably smarter already. You probably knew I was going to write this and knew what the workout was going to be. Did I mention my theory that eating paleo makes you smarter and have the ability to predict the future? If you’re not doing the challenge you should. Besides becoming a smarter, future predicting version of yourself, you’ll also find yourself accountable for the next 8 weeks. And accountability can sometimes be the trick to keeping yourself focused – goal orientated (how is that a word).

I’m guessing Sanjito will still allow people to sign up tomorrow and it shouldn’t hurt you too much if you have a missed day or two at the end of the 8 weeks. I highly recommend doing it – I am! And if for some reason, you’re still not convinced and don’t do the challenge, that’s perfectly okay. I would only suggest that you lean in the direction of better eating. Make some subtle changes in your diet and see how you feel and how you perform in the gym. It might be all you need to go further in that direction.

On a completely related note, over the next couple of weeks some of the workouts will reappear at the end of the challenge and serve as tests to compare your performance improvements. We’re not going to tell you which ones, so if you’re doing the challenge, do your best to make it in as much as you can for the next 2 weeks. Why aren’t we telling you which ones? No sandbagging!

Workout of the Day 1/8/2013

Jerk 3 x 3
Jerk 2 x 2

5 Rounds:

3 Snatch (135#/95#)
5 Broad Jump Burpees (Length of Bar/1 Collar to End of Bar)
100m Sprint
2 min. rest

The 2 minute rest is meant to allow you to recover so that 100m is a sprint each time. Scale the Snatch so you can basically go unbroken.