Bets & Bars



Today’s WOD features max unbroken Wall Ball shots, a 3 minute rest, and then max unbroken pull ups. Arbel and I were guessing who was going to do the most in the box, so I figured I’d open up that action to everyone. I’m taking bets, not for money, just bragging rights + merchandise. Post your predictions in the comment section. Winner gets choice of free strength wraps, hat, or T shirt:

  • Who will do the most unbroken wall balls?
  • How many will he/she do?
  • How many wall balls will you do? (this is not part of merchandize predictions, just for fun.)
  • Who will do the most unbroken pull ups?
  • How many will he/she do?
  • How many pull ups will you do? (again, just for fun, not merchandise).


If you hadn’t notice already Adan repainted most of the bars with bed liner (yes, that’s our secret sauce that goes on the bars). He also taped up several other bars for those of you who like tape on the bars. Those run from athlete tape to baseball tape to tennis racquet tape/grip. We can’t please everyone, but we try to vary the bars to fit everyone’s needs. I’m expecting mass prs throughout the box.

Pre Adan, bars were getting pretty worn down.

Post Adan, Bed liner up’d! With a little overspray for good measure.

Workout of the Day 12/4/2012

Max Unbroken Wall Balls (20#/16#)
Rest 3 min.
Max Unbroken Pull-Ups

If the wall ball stops moving, the set is complete. Rest exactly 3 minutes from when you stop doing wall balls, then do a max set of pull-ups. Scale as needed.

5 Rounds:

20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
10 Burpees
2 Rope Climbs (15′)