Before I cracked out on CrossFit, I used to geek out by Flashing websites. Back then Flash was doing some amazing things. It still does really, but unfortunately Apple’s touch devices have drastically reduced companies even wanting to tap into the technology.

Irregardless, when everyone was all over Flash and using it everywhere, there were a lot of cool experiential sites. Part of my job was to create those sites, and I also had to head up a whole department of geeks who did the same. In doing so, I learned something very key. Sometimes the biggest differences in employees and their work was something very subtle. It was a term my old agency coined as ATL. It stood for Attention to Detail (not sure how that acronym works, but that’s not important).

Attention to detail is something you can’t really teach. Some people learn it, but it’s not because you teach it to them. It’s because they care about that end product. In the case of CrossFit and our box, the end product is you. We make it a point to take the extra steps to pay attention to the small things. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience at LAX.

Thank You

This is basically my round about way of saying thank you all for completing the survey we sent you a couple of weeks ago. Your input is invaluable. We’ve been carefully reviewing it and making sure we discuss all of your suggestions. You had some really good ones, some that we weren’t aware of. Really good stuff. So keep your eye out for some changes and updates. For example a 4pm class coming your way starting January. And whoever mentioned the merch area – see, we’re on it.

Workout of the Day 12/12/2012

Take 17 minutes to establish a 1RM of Deadlift


Wall Balls (20#/16#)
Kettlebell Swings (2 pd/1.5 pd)