Jerk Boxes

How was your weekend? Take a second and reminisce at the hot girl(or guy)you saw at the beach, or the hot girl(or guy)  that was at the bar. While I sit and reminisce at how hot it was out here in canyon country.

I am sitting here writing tonights blog from my uncles living room absolutely exhausted. What WOD has me feeling like this you might ask? Well my uncle and I dedicated our entire weekend for LAX to finally build us some jerk boxes.

What are jerk boxes? Not all of us know, so I will give you a brief little example of what and why they are used for.Mainly they are used for the Jerk movement practice but if your salt or danielsan and have been doing Outlaw they are used for low or high snatch or clean pulls. Some of you are thinking well Im not them so why do these benefit me. Well the beauty of these guys are that we can use them for tons of stuff we do in crossfit: box jumps, as racks for the squat, press, box squats and any other movement that might require a rack.

Back to why I am so exhausted, literally my eyes are closing so bare with me if I start to mispell or ramble. My uncle and I spent entire day Saturday and today to complete as many of these boxes as we can. And we got 5 done! Yeah they are that difficult to make.

The process it took and labor it required was pretty rough. I am truly grateful and thankful for my uncle. He did an awesome job! Gracias Tio!!!! Tomorrow morning they will arrive to LAX and you guys will be pretty amazed at how awesome they look.

Here are a few photos of how we spent our weekend, in close to 3 digit heat. Enjoy as I am off to get about 4 hours of sleep to be back at LAX on time……Buenos Nachos….

The Begining

This took like an hour just to make the outline of the box!

I Put my two cents in every now and then

Kind of took over the backyard..

These guys just sat and watched

From the morning til the eveninglate evening!! Non stop!

The Finished Product, Gracias Tio!!

know what you are thinking those sucked…Heres the good stuff..I hope none of you saw that..

Workout of the Day 9/10/2012

Take 20 minutes to find your 3 Rep Max:
Back Squat

5 Rounds:
20 Burpees
1 Rope Climb*

*Scale each rope climb to 10 Ring Rows.