Train Up


Since much of my last week was consumed with Regionals and I took away quite a bit of insight from the event as a whole, I’m going to continue in my series of Regionals based posts.

I got the privilege over the Regionals weekend to talk to almost every elite athlete and team here in SoCal.  One of the prerequisite questions I asked almost everyone was “What was your training regimen like for 2012, and how did that differ from 2011?”  It was a pretty awesome experience, gaining some insight from some seriously legit CrossFitters as to how they approach their workouts, in preparation for things like Regionals.

CrossFit CDR team members did 2-3 WODs ALL YEAR LONG in preparation for Regionals.

Training Up

Bar far the biggest shared response was what i’m going to classify as “training up”.  This can be almost any and everything – and it actually should be pretty specific to each team/athlete’s case.  However, all it simply means is putting yourself in an even crappier place during training to achieve better results on the field.

For some, training up simply meant more volume.  Getting in 2 or 3 workouts a day was pretty common for most athletes.  For others, it meant dealing with things outside of the box.  Actually following a strict diet, forcing themselves to sleep more, properly taking supplements, and being diligent about mobility were also common themes.

Almost 100% of the athletes mentioned putting a little more emphasis on their goats.  It’s pretty easy to focus on the things you’re strong at, but to pay specific attention to the things you’re weaker at is tough for some.

225# Cleans in a weight vest? Gnarly.

Grundler’s Weight Vest

Hands down, my favorite training up story came from Bill Grundler.  He told me that he realized that he needed a little extra something to try to make up spots that kept him out of the games for many years in a row.  What he decided to do was wear a weight vest for everything he did once he stepped into the gym.  He literally told me that the first two things he did when he got to the box was put on his shoes, then put on his vest.

Whatever the WOD(s) were for that day, it didn’t matter.  Row 2000m? Wear the vest.  Snatch 1-1-1?  Wearing that vest!  Cindy? Vest. Handstand walks? Vest.  Well you get the picture.  He said that he got fairly used to working with the vest on, that once he hit the point in his training for Regionals that he would start working out without the vest, everything felt so much lighter, faster, and more explosive.

This is such a classic tale of training up – dropping an additional 20lbs on you for everything you do.  Whatever  your goals are, one thing is safe to say:  If you train at a place that’s harder than you’ll need to be – you’re only making your life easier when you’re there.

Workout of the Day 5/15/2012

Static Hang Above Bar
Static Hang At Bottom
Vertical Jump
Broad Jump

Take a few minutes to determine your best effort at each station.

3 Rounds:
40 Over The Mountain (20#/16#)
40 Med Ball Throws (12’/4′)
400m Run w/Med Ball

In teams of 2, complete the above. Over the Mountain is like a Wall Ball with full squat. You can share the med ball carrying duties however you like. If the ball ever touches the ground, each athlete must do 3 burpees before continuing.