We added 1 new commandment to the box commandments.  Funny thing… there were originally 10 box commandments, not by design, but just by pure happenstance… or possibly divine intervention.  Who knows.  Now we went and ruined things by adding one more.  Or maybe we went Spinal Tap on your asses and made our amps go to 11.  Eleven is louder than 10.

Before and After Photos


After... Handing out Burpees!

This is a good review for OG members and a good FYI to new members.  Moses has spent his 40 days and 40 nights and has come down from the mountain after speaking to the CrossFit gods and has decreed the following.

11 Commandments of LAX CrossFit:

* Put your shit away. Do not let us find a band/ball/chalk/tape/etc laying around for more than one class. IF WE DO, EVERYONE IN THE BOX GETS 10 BURPEES!
* If you sweat/bleed/cry on it, wipe it down.  We have spray bottles and paper towels over by the wall ball shelving unit.
* Pick up your boxes, DO NOT DRAG THEM.
* Don’t drop/dump unloaded bars.  You’ll break them, and we won’t be happy.
* Know your boxmates’ names.  IF YOU SLIP UP IN THE NAME GAME, EVERYONE GETS 10 BURPEES!

Racks and Racks and Racks... Note spray bottles & towels on wall.

* Don’t Dump a Split Jerk Backwards if Avoidable.  For your own safety. ; ).
* Hang your jump ropes and bands correctly.
* Roll up your yoga mats – DO NOT fold them.
* Stack your ab mats, rollers, and other equipment neatly.
* Pick up your water bottles, empty them, and place them in the recycling. IF YOU DON’T EVERYONE IN TH BOX GETS 10 BURPEES!

* IF YOU’RE LATE TO CLASS… YOU GET 20 BURPEES!Burpees... Put your hands where my eyes can see!

We’re going to start enforcing these again, so be on your Ps & Qs.  If you are found guilty breaking any of these rules, everyone in the box at the present time is doing 10 burpees. Rest assured, they will thank you at some point.

The late for class penalty of 20 burpees is an individual punishment, not the whole box.  We want you to show up to class on time and get a proper warm up.  If you are interrupting the class by being late, sorry sucker… 20 Burpees.  Plus, it helps you get warmed up since you missed the group warm up.


Workout of the Day 2/8/2012

5 Rounds:

500m Row/400m Run
12 Power Clean (135#/95#)
9 Front Squat

Run only if a rower is unavailable.