CrossFit Etiquette


Alex C.  shared this video from CrossFit Oahu. I thought it was pretty fun.  Check it out.

PSA:  Don’t be One of these Dudes:

We have box full of great people.  No one is one of these guys.  They are crazy exaggerations, bu the video is a great reminder for us all.  Consider it one of those Public Service Announcements from the ’80’s, like “This is your Brain on Drugs”.

The Coco Water Burglar

I don’t think we have anyone in the box like this dude.  Everyone does a good job of putting $ in the red box when they buy water or coco water.  Family is family and family don’t steal from family.

The Chalk Whore

Ashy Larry from Marcy, Kid!

OK.  So we might have a few of these in the gym, including yours truly.  Let’s make sure we are using chalk when needed, not for every damn thing we do.  Wall balls do not require chalk.  On the real, we aren’t too bad on this.  More so, I’d say we just need to pick up after ourselves when we use chalk.  So put the chalk back in the bucket after we use (not leaving it on a J cup) and cleaning up the chalk hands we leave on the floor from push ups.

Too Fast to Care

Don’t let your need for speed and a great time on the board get in the way of doing things right.  Full range of motion and movement standards are taught for a reason.  If you are shorting your range of motion or the movement standards you are only short changing yourself.  Sure, your number looks good on the board, but in the end you don’t get any stronger or faster.  Check your ego at the door & do things right.

The Sweat Beast

We all sweat, some more than others.  If you sweat all over the equipment or floor, all good.  Just wipe it down after the WOD.  There are spray bottles with disinfectant and paper towels over by the wall ball shelves.

Sir Talks A Lot

I gotta say this one hits home at LAXCF.  Some of it has to do with the shitty acoustics in the box, but more of it has to do with the fun & social crew we have.  Normally, it is not the athletes in the class that are talking over the coach’s instructions.  It is the people that just finished the previous class who are rolling out / hanging out.   So if the  “Sir Talks A Lot” label hits home for you just try to be a little bit more considerate to your fellow athletes and coaches.  Talk all you want during their warm up and their WOD.  Go ape shit if you like, we LOVE the social aspect of the box, but when the coach is giving instructions shut your trap.  The people in that class actually need to hear the knowledge being dropped.

The Ghost Rider

We have bumper plates for a reason.  We want you to drop a bar when you need to.  This is for safety, but don’t “ghost ride the wipe” when unnecessary.  By all means drop the loaded bar whenever you want, just don’t let it go flying into a fellow athlete.  watch it, guide it down, make sure it does not go flying to the side once it hits the floor.  Never let your Kettle Bell go flying at the top of the swing just because you finished that rep.  A 2 pd kettle bell is 70 lbs.  Enough said.

The Gear Borrower

I think we are good on this one.  Just be courteous to others.  Share and share alike.

The Time Fabricator

Come on, man.  Who you trying to fool.

Yep.  Good talk, Good talk.  Now get in here and get some PRs!

Workout of the Day 11/22/2011

25 Burpees
15 Back Squat (Bodyweight)