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Squat Mobility Workshop

LAX CrossFit will be hosting a Squat Mobility Workshop Saturday 24th September @11am – 1:30pm. Open to everyone, not just LAX CrossFit members. Reserve Your Spot Now

Workshop Presenter;

Sam Visnic

Neuromuscular Therapist Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Course Cost

$40ea. Reserve your spot here. It no secret that the key to mastering technical lifts such as Power Cleans and Overhead Squats require both strength and flexibility.  The best place to start is by improving the quality of your Front Squat.  The great thing about the Front Squat, unlike the Back Squat, is that it makes you “honest”.  You can’t cheat this lift.  Sure, you can get away with being inflexible for a while, but at a certain point it WILL catch up with you.  As your 1RM loads go up, if you lack the proper mobility and flexibility in key areas of your kinetic chain, gravity will simply put the smack down on you.  For instance, a 225 lb. Front Squat will feel infinitely heavier when you have limited thoracic spine mobility.  With this issue, your rhomboids and traps must bear the increased load, and they simply aren’t strong enough to do the job.

Looks like Mr Caveman could improve his squat if he worked on his excessive thoracic kyphosis

My question is, Why struggle to make progress by way of fighting gravity, when you can simply joining forces with it? Thats what this workshop is all about.  In approx. 2 hours, I will show you the tricks to identifying and correcting mobility and flexibility deficits that are limiting your ability to get into your optimal Front Squat.  You will learn each drill with precision, and leave with an exact repetition, set, and frequency protocol that you can implement the NEXT DAY.

About Sam Visnic. Over the last 10 years, Sam has worked with thousands of patients who suffer from chronic pain, from housewives to weekend warriors and elite powerlifters.  His expertise lies in correcting structural dysfunction with nutrition, mobilizations, stretches, and exercises aimed at restoring optimal function to the muscular and nervous systems.

Workout of the Day 9/20/2011

3 Muscle-Up
6 Power Clean (135#/95#)
9 Slam Ball (30#/20#)